How Long Will My Nut Milk Last?
14 Feb

How Long Will My Nut Milk Last?

Making homemade nut milk or nut mylk (which just means the milk is dairy free) is super easy, delicious and healthier then drinking store bought milks. The best thing is you can cater to your dietary needs by using whatever seed or nut you require. Some of our favourite non dairy milks are Almond Milk, Macadamia Milk and Oat Milk.

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Dairy Free Almond Milk Recipe

Store bought and homemade almond milks have a very different shelf life.

Shelf-stable Almond Milk (or Cashew, Oat, Macadamia etc.)

Shelf-stable milks that are found on the shelf at your supermarket, come with a best before date on the label, so it’s easy to estimate how fresh and how long they will last. Once you open the carton please keep it refrigerated with the lid tight and it will last for up to 7-10 days.

Be sure to give the milk carton a good shake before each use. The milk will usually start to smell when it’s turning bad, so please don’t consume if there’s any doubt.

Refrigerated Almond Milk (or Cashew, Oat, Macadamia etc.) 

Store bought dairy free milks that are kept in the fridge at your supermarket, will always come with a use-by date. This is more strict than a best before date seen on shelf-stable milks, so please take note of this.

That means, an unopened carton of refrigerated nut milk may last only a few days past the use by date.  If you’re unsure and it’s past the use by date, just pour it down the sink or toilet, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Once you open the seal you usually have about a week before the milk spoils.

almond milk

Homemade Almond Milk (or Cashew, Oat, Macadamia etc.) 

Homemade almond milk will last in the fridge up to 3-5 days. Always store homemade nut milks in the fridge with a tight lid to keep fresh for longer.

Store bought nut milks are pasteurized so they last much longer in the fridge than homemade nut milks.

How can you tell if your Almond milk is off or turning?

There are a few signs of spoilage when it comes to dairy free milks. I always say though… if you’re unsure, give it a pour! Down the toilet that is…

  • If a store bought carton is bloated then definitely pour it out.
  • If it tastes sour pour it out.
  • If the milk doesn’t smell fresh and nutty anymore pour it out.
  • If you notice any large lumps or discolouration pour it out.

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