Nourish your Cravings
16 Jun

Nourish your Cravings

Becoming in tune with your body is an important step to maintaining good health and you should listen to what your cravings are trying to tell you. Cravings are like letters addressed to your body containing vital information in regards to what you are lacking and need to nurture. Don’t ignore them… or a debt collector will come knocking on your door… not literally though…

One of the biggest reasons you crave something or feel like snacking  is most likely due to dehydration. It doesn’t surprise me though. The cooler months can always make us forget to stay hydrated as we aren’t sweating it out from the heat. Start your morning off with 2 big glasses of water and you’ll get your body off to a great start.

Most of the time we are dehydrated and not hungry. So the next time you have a fierce craving for a sweet or something salty or high in empty carbohydrates in between meals, down a glass of water and I can guarantee you your craving will go away. (Unless you truly are hungry and haven’t eating all day… please don’t do that…)

Also, go to bed. I cannot stress that enough. When you don’t get enough rest and allow your body to restore your body produces the hunger hormone, ghrelin, which in turn makes you crave things that your body doesn’t need. Hello obesity…

Here is a goodnight goodness smoothie to help gear your body up for a good nights sleep.

Goodnight Goodness Smoothie

You may be familiar with 3 different types of cravings –

Emotional Cravings:

This is simple to combat. I know a lot of emotional eaters (and drinkers) and can admit that I have fallen victim to emotional eating (and wine). Pay attention to what’s happening inside and beneath the surface. Don’t be dramatic and throw your hands around everywhere and claim how hard life is whilst scoffing down a block of chocolate in between breaths. Take the time to sit down, face your stress and then do something you love. Like music, working out or organise to go for a meal with friends when it’s right. Friends (and family) are the best xx

Nutrient Cravings:

Are exactly that… your body is craving a certain nutrient in which it is lacking. The most common one I can think of (being a woman) is craving chocolate around your menstrual cycles. Raw chocolate is very high in magnesium and we need more during menstruation to support our Cycles. Another nutrient around this time of month is Iron. Up your intake of Iron and make sure to up your Vitamin C to help with absorption.

Balance Cravings:

The body craves balance and is always trying to create an internal equilibrium. If you consume a lot of Sugar and Coffee (expansive substances) and foods that really hit your adrenal glands you will crave foods such as cheese and salty products (contractive foods). The key is to keep your diet neutral with a whole lot of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds to help centre your body.

Read more about HOW TO KEEP YOUR BODY BALANCED here.


  • Are you really hungry of just thirsty?
  • Eat neutral! Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.
  • Take some time out and meditate / listen to music / colour in / create something / write in a journal / go get a massage!
  • Have some lemon water
  • Go for a walk / work out.

If you are in the need for a snack, make it a nourishing one and don’t opt for empty calories! Here are some favourite snacks of ours:

Healthy Nut and Seed Brittle

No Muesli Bars

Hot Hummus with veggie sticks

Macadamia Nut Cheese

Please note… there are obviously some cravings out there that are a lot more serious than a lack of nutrients. Make sure your always seek advice from your medical professional to build a more in depth understanding of your body.

Cheers to good health!

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