The Sedona Express Food Dehydrator is not only full-featured but compact, allowing you to dehydrate without worrying about taking up too much counter space. Its 11 trays can dehydrate plenty of food, and its large, central fan makes dehydrating a breeze. It’s the perfect addition to small kitchens. 

With so many new dehydrators on the market and array of differing features, it’s difficult to know which dehydrator to choose for your healthy living kitchen. Here a few dehydrator names you may have heard of: Excalibur, Sedona, TSM, Bio Chef, Ezi Dri, Optimum, – so what’s the best Food Dehydrator? There are 2 dehydrators

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Starting out dehydrating? This dehydrated cookies recipe is perfect for you! It’s spicy and the perfect treat for when you want to make something a little different. Great for Halloween too…