What’s the best Food Dehydrator?
14 Nov

What’s the best Food Dehydrator?

With so many new dehydrators on the market and array of differing features, it’s difficult to know which dehydrator to choose for your healthy living kitchen.

Here a few dehydrator names you may have heard of: Excalibur, Sedona, TSM, Bio Chef, Ezi Dri, Optimum, – so what’s the best Food Dehydrator? There are 2 dehydrators that stand out above the rest and if you’re into raw foods and healthy eating I’m sure you’ve heard of them both: ‘Sedona Dehydrators and ‘Excalibur Dehydrators.’

Excalibur is manufactured in the USA for over 40 years and Sedona is manufactured in Korea by Tribest Corporation (a health & wellness company based in Anaheim, Los Angeles) with nearly 30 years in the health business.

My favourite food dehydrator to use is hands down the Tribest Sedona Dehydrator. What I love most about Sedona Dehydrators is the opening glass door, which hinges and opens like an oven door. Most other dehydrators have a door which needs to be lifted off and placed somewhere on the bench- not very practical in the kitchen where you have very limited bench space.


Image above: Sedona Combo Rawfood Dehydrator

Sedona Dehydrators have a built in digital thermostat which is in my opinion is a necessity for controlling the temperature of the food effectively. Excalibur, TSM and other dehydrators have old school large dials to control the temperature (like from a 1960’s oven) and a thermometer must be used regularly to check and control the temperature.


Another great feature of the Sedona is the dual fan and night mode settings. If I only want to make a smaller amount of dehydrated foods (for example 1-4 trays), I can place a divider tray in the middle of the dehydrator and choose to run only 1 of the 300 watt drying fans (either the top or bottom). This will save power, is better for the environment and will save on your electricity bill. The night mode setting will run the dehydrator at a lower power consumption rate and will make the dehydrator super quiet so you will never hear it whilst you sleep. Sedona Dehydrators are super quiet in comparison to Excalibur Dehydrators and other dehydrators on the market.


Image above: Sedona Dehydrator Dual Fan Technology

One of the things I love about Tribest, the company who manufactures Sedona Dehydrators, is that they have developed their own environmentally friendly packaging products. Instead of using  non-biodegradable Styrofoam which is made of a petroleum-based plastic and has a harmful effect on the environment, Tribest use 100% recyclable compressed cardboard to create their protective product packaging. Tribest has a commitment not only to their customer’s health but also to planetary health which I love and is very unique for a large corporation.


Image above: eco-friendly packaging

In Australia, we’ve recently  released the Tribest Sedona Express Dehydrator which takes dehydration to the next level. The Sedona Express features a compact design, attractive side opening glass door, LED digital display and 11 stainless steel trays with a drying area of approximately 1m2 – more than enough drying space.

What’s the best Food Dehydrator?

Image above: Sedona Express Dehydrator

The Sedona Express has the largest temperature range of any dehydrator on the market from 25-75 degrees Celsius, and has a “Fast” and “Raw” mode making it perfect for Raw Foodies and also for dehydrating Jerky. The Sedona Express and Combo Dehydrators have an “Advanced Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer” or TST feature which makes it possible to have fast dehydrating times without any enzyme or nutrient degradation. Another great feature of the Sedona Express Dehydrator is a washable fan filter which means no dust or dirt will end up in your food and the dehydrator electronics will stay clean and last longer.

So…. What’s the best Food Dehydrator? Hands down I give the award to Tribest’s range of Sedona Dehydrators, they are simply the most user friendly and eco-friendly dehydrator money can buy.

Happy Dehydrating!

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