Video Blog – Dried Mango and Basil Chips
15 Apr

Video Blog – Dried Mango and Basil Chips

These are super delicious! Two of our favourite things … Mango and Basil! This is the perfect recipe to make when your mangoes are just about to turn and you need to prune back that basil plant that’s going crazy in your garden! Snack time! 

Dried Mango and Basil Chips

Submitted by [email protected] Team Raw Blend
Makes –
Serves – 1+


  • 1+ Mango
  • Basil (dried and/or cut up finely)


  1. Slice up mango, and spread out evenly on Sedona trays.
  2. Sprinkle desired amount of basil over the top.
  3. Dehydrate at 55 degrees Celsius for around 12 hours or until you have reached your desired consistency.

Happy Dehydrating! 

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