How to do Wet & Dry Ingredient Chopping using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to do Wet & Dry Ingredient Chopping using the Vitamix – Video

How to Chop Wet & Dry Ingredients in a Vitamix Blender

Video Transcription:

Hi. It’s Tommy from Raw Blend. There are two ways to chop in your Vitamix machine: wet or dry. Today I’m going to show you how to do both.

I’m going to get this up on the high speed. You want bread crumbs? Done. Two seconds, you got breadcrumbs, ready to go. You want to chop something a little harder, some Parmesan cheese? Done. Couple of seconds, there you go.

No more watery eyes when chopping onion. You want chopped onion? It’s this simple. In it goes. You want to mince meat? No worries for Vitamix. In it goes, throw your mince in there. Look at that. Beautiful mince meat. You’ve just made a rissole for the barbecue. Not a problem.

If you want to wet chop in the Vitamix machine, so easy to do. In the container here I have some red and white cabbage, and I’ve filled it up with water. I’m just going to pulse the machine for a couple of seconds. That’s it. It’s that quick and simple to do. I just strain out that excess water there, and I’m left with this beautiful, beautiful fresh coleslaw. Look at this. Great for the family picnic. Another reason why you’re going to love your Vitamix.