How to Make the World’s Biggest Green Smoothie using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to Make the World’s Biggest Green Smoothie using the Vitamix – Video

Making the World’s Biggest Green Smoothie using the Vitamix Blender

Video Transcription:

Hi, how are you going? It’s Tommy here from Raw Blend, today I’m going to make the world’s biggest green smoothie right here with my Vitamix. This is the Vitamix XL Blender designed specifically for use in restaurants and for large scale food preparation.

So let’s show you how to make the world’s biggest green smoothie. Ok first, we’re going to put in some grapes; really, really good for you. In they go. Then I’m going to put in a couple of oranges, throw them straight in. I try to leave as much white on there as possible, they’re very good for you. I’ll put in some pear; really good alkalizing fruit pear, stalk and all. In it goes. I’ve got a whole cucumber here, just chopped it up a little bit. Throw it in. Whole lemon, seeds, all the white part. I have peeled it as it’s a little bit bitter, and a whole lime as well. Really alkalizing, really great for you.

I’ve got some honeydew melon. Notice I’m going to use the seeds of the melon as well, they’re high in vitamins and amino acids; very, very good for you. Now when you think about it, your cucumber seeds, your tomato seeds, but what about the melon seeds? In they go. A couple of bananas; I’m going to peel those. It doesn’t taste too good, that banana peel. That’s looking pretty good. Let’s put some greens in there, so it’s dark, leafy greens.

I’ve got a bag of spinach here. So good for you spinach. I’ll put the whole bag in. I can really pack this full. It’s a five litre container. So we’re going for about five litres of juice here today. I’ve got some kale; nice, dark leafy green. It’s delicious and a bit of parsley, some mint, nice fresh herb. And I’m going to put a little bit of thyme in there as well just for a little bit of added flavor. It’s delicious. Now I’m going to put some water in here as well, and I’m going to use 600ml of coconut water. In it goes. Beautiful, really hydrating coconut water, really good for you, and that looks pretty good. I’m going to put in some ice in there to keep it cold. I like my smoothies better when they’re cold. All right.

This is how you make the world’s biggest green smoothie right here. I’ll going to lock our lid into place. Put this down and put this flap down and we’re going to start it on Speed one and work it up to high speed, and I’ll have to use my tamper as well to get it all moving. Here we go [3 minutes of blending] All right there we have it!

I got nearly five litres of green smoothie here. I’ve got a survivor there, a little bit of parsley stuck in the lid. We’ll just get rid of that. What have we got here? Yep, five litres of green smoothie. There you go. Serve some of that out. It weighs a tonne this thing, all that dense fiber. Try some of that. Mmm, world’s biggest green smoothie. Cheers! 

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