Vitamix – What’s all the fuss?
25 Jun

Vitamix – What’s all the fuss?

In recent decades most of us have noticed the new shift in the health and wellness industry. People are sick of being sick and we’re beginning to see the link between poor health and processed, chemical-laced foods. We are starting to question what we put into our bodies and want to take better care of ourselves from the inside out. This has led to an increase of fitness centres popping up in every suburb and juice bars opening up on every corner. It’s here that you may have already seen, heard or experienced Vitamix.

Vitamix can be found in over 100,000 commercial outlets and is fast becoming a household name thanks to a growing army of domestic users. In fact – a recent survey by Vitamix Corporation in the USA found that every Vitamix user tells at least 6 family members or friends about the product, but not only ‘tells’ them, literally gives them a Vitamix sales pitch. ‘My blender is amazing! Did you know it can cook a hot soup in 5 minutes?’ – but what is all the fuss?

A Vitamix makes getting our daily serve of fruits and vegetables quick, easy, tasty and totally do-able. By using the whole food including the stems, cores, seeds and peels in its raw natural state we can unlock those potential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants giving us more energy, more focus, glowing skin and less time at the doctors.

From gorgeous green smoothies for breakfast to steaming hot soups for dinner and guilt-free ice cream for dessert, Vitamix can accomplish so many different culinary tasks all while maintaining the natural integrity of the food. It defies your standard definition of a blender. It cooks, juices, freezes, blends, grinds, whips, chops, liquefies, kneads and the list goes on and on… It can do all this thanks to its reputation for being one of the fastest blenders on earth; its blades spin at over 500 times a second along with a huge 2 horse power motor – and if all that sounds a little too technical, it is enough power to propel a small dingy!

Raw Blend

The diversity and quality of a Vitamix make it not only exceptional value for money but you pretty much have a life-long kitchen friend. And did I mention it cleans itself… who has time to clean anymore!?

Vitamix is now a 4th generation family business operating for over 90 years and is one of the most trusted brands in high performance blending technology based and manufactured in Cleveland Ohio, USA. Vitamix has now been in Australia for nearly 20 years. It was first introduced by my father Tom Nicholas, who was a health visionary and first saw the amazing Vitamix machine at a trade show in Houston, Texas. At Raw Blend we are dedicated to improving health and wellness by diversifying kitchens and the way people think about food and health. This is done through learning, sharing and inspiring customers to do the same at home. At Raw Blend we firmly believe Vitamix is the best blender and because of this specialise in Vitamix products.

With the current increase in new wellness companies, the reach of social media and the increase in main stream health professionals, the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle is now more predominant than ever.

Health ambassadors are spreading the news. Get used to words popping up all over the place like: superfoods, raw food, paleo, clean eating, green smoothies and Vitamix which has now secured its place in the health and wellness world. Happy Blending!

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