What is the best Masticating Juicer?
30 Nov

What is the best Masticating Juicer?

What is the best Juicer? It’s a huge call and there are a lot of different factors to take on board but we can safely say the Green Star Elite Juicer by Tribest is leaps and bounds above the rest. Not only does the Greenstar Elite Juicer function very easily, it looks great on your kitchen bench and is available in three different colours – Black, White & Chrome. 

The Greenstar Elite is technically known as a Masticating Juicer which is also considered a Cold Press Juicer. The juice extraction mechanism does not produce heat and crushes before pressing fruits and vegetables which mimics the natural mastication or chewing mechanism of our oral cavities.

What is the best Juicer?

The augur chews on fruits and vegetables at SLOWER speeds than popular Centrifugal juices and significantly reduces heat production and foam generation while increasing efficiency.

The Juice Yield is very high and the pulp comes out extremely dry in comparison to Centrifugal juicers. The Greenstar Elite is also fantastic when extracting juice from high fibrous greens such as wheat-grass and many others.

What is the best Juicer?

Oxidization is minimal with the Greenstar Elite as the cold press / masticating mechanism retains more of the nutrients and enzymes that are naturally present in whole fruits and vegetables. This ensures the highest juice quality, a longer shelf life and one of the best juicers for those who put a premium on nutrition.

What is the best juicer?

The noise level is extremely low in comparison to using a blender or other juicers so you can comfortably use it around the home without waking up the family…

You can see Tommy easily demonstrating in this video below for our Heart Smart Juice.

Even if the noise did wake them up it’s totally worth it when you hand over fresh juices, baby foods, pates, sauces, sorbets, nut butters, nut milks, ice creams and even pastas! It’s functionality is diverse to keep things interesting in the kitchen.

Anymore questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us directly!

Happy Juicing! 

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