Coconut and Almond Yoghurt
08 Oct

Coconut and Almond Yoghurt

I know it’s not the case for everyone but when I think of yoghurt my stomach turns! It forms a dairy food baby and churns, telling me all sorts of nasty stories. The dairy bloat is nothing to gloat about!

No more I say! I decided to make a super yummy coconut and almond yoghurt! It’s super simple, a great alternative and fantastic to use as a base in your smoothies, breakfasts or just on its own.

Laters Lactose!


Submitted by: Raw Blend
Makes: 1.5 cups yoghurt
Serves: 2-4 people


  • 1 cup raw, activated almonds
  • 1 1/2 cups fresh coconut meat
  • Fresh coconut water from 1 coconut (we got about 1 1/4 cups)
  • Contents of 3 x probiotic capsules


1) Activate your almonds!

  • You can do this by soaking your almonds for 24 hours in filtered, alkaline water. This soaking process deactivates the enzyme prohibitors and brings the nut to life.
  • Once you have finished soaking your almonds, rinse them under water and dehydrate the almonds on a low heat (either in your dehydrator or on the lowest temperature in your oven). This will take anywhere between 8-24 hours depending on what temperature you are using. The nuts will be done why they feel (and taste) dry.

Why do I need to activate my almonds?

Activated almonds imageupdated

Keen “activated almond enthusiasts” believe that raw almonds contain certain phytochemicals that prevent your body from receiving the full benefit of the nutrients almonds contain.

There is almost no research that indicates whether “activation” works or not however, it makes sense!

According to Lisa Yates, nutritionist with Nuts for Life: “Activation is like sprouting of grains (wheat or barley grass) or sprouting of seeds (mung bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts). It converts some of the starch to simpler sugars, converts some of the protein as the emerging seed is breaking these down for fuel for its new growth.”

2) Add your soaked almonds, young coconut meat, coconut water and your probiotics powder to your Vitamix 2L wet container and blend on HIGH until it is nice and smooth.

3) Once you have finished blending your mixture, pour it through a fine mesh strainer into a big glass bowl. This will removed any excess chunks or almond skins. I found I didn’t need to do this as it was smooth enough already. Use a spatula to help sift the mixture through.

4) Cover your glass bowl with a nice clean tea towel and let it sit for about 4-5 hours. This will allow the probiotics to start to proliferate (increase in number) and break down the yoghurt. The longer you allow this process to happen the tangier your yoghurt will taste. Yummo!

What can I use it for? So many things!

  1.  Add some cacao powder and coconut nectar and you have yourself a homemade, healthy YOGO! Ummmm remember YOGO? Yeah… little kid Claire remembers YOGO…
  2.  Use it as a base in your smoothies or ice cream / sorbet.
  3.  Mix it through your breakfast oats or granola.
  4.  Eat it straight off a spoon. Just don’t eat the spoon… awkward…
  5.  You could make these…


Wow! What are those?

I don’t know…

You’ll have to tune in next week for the unveiling of “these”

So everyday, dairy yoghurt BE GONE! Let’s go nuts!

6 Reviews for “Coconut and Almond Yoghurt”

  1. This sounds great!! I was just wondering though if you could use dried coconut chips or flakes and coconut water from a carton as they very rarely have fresh young coconuts where I live!!

    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for your comment! I don’t see any problem with using dried coconut chips/flakes and carton coconut water. It may come out a different texture and you may need some more liquid as the fresh coconut flesh contains liquid. Let us know how you go Linda! Happy blending 🙂

  2. I’ve tried to make coconut yoghurts before and found that they don’t really thicken up like normal yoghurts. Does this recipe thicken up to the consistency of normal yoghurt? Thanks!

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