Dehydrating Fruit In A Dehydrator
16 May

Dehydrating Fruit In A Dehydrator

Dehydrating Fruit in a Dehydrator. It’s super easy and yet again I have been watching Masterchef and last night’s “Rita” cake creation was OUT OF THIS WORLD and used very clever decorating tricks! Candied pecans which I love, a Meringue Mohawk and DEHYDRATED PINEAPPLE! Again, the contestants used only top notch equipment so a dehydrator is the only piece of equipment you want to use when dehydrating fruit. 

The “Rita” cake is an incredible creation by Andy Bowdy. ‘Rita’ features passionfruit bavarois, ginger cake, caramelised pineapple, salted bourbon caramel, toasted coconut cream, coconut chew, brown sugar pecans, ginger crumb, and of course, a mohawk of Bowden’s signature torched meringue.

Miniature versions of Bowden’s blockbuster cakes decorated with cascading meringue are available at his Enmore cafe, Saga.

The full recipe for his amazing creation can be found HERE

One part of the recipe that really stood out for me were the tasty fans of Dehydrated Pineapple. My mouth was watering! I looooove dehydrated Pineapple. So from now on i’m decorating with dehydrated fruits! It looks so decadent and it’s easy.

Dehydrating Fruit in a Food Dehydrator

  • Choose mature, firm fruits for the highest sugar and nutritional content, but avoid bruised or overripe fruit.
  • Wash and rinse the fruit to remove wax and pesticides if dehydrating fruit with the skin on.
  • Cut fruit into small pieces about ⅛ inch thick and spread in a single layer on the dehydrator trays.
  • Most fruit will be pliable or leathery when done, meaning you can bend it and tear it, but it won’t be so dry that you can snap it.

The drying time really varies when it comes to dehydrating fruits and vegetables. Factors such as which dehydrator model you have, humidity, thickness of your food pieces, amount of fruit in the dehydrator and juiciness all affect how long your fruit takes to dry.

We love using the Tribest Sedona Range. The lastest SEDONA EXPRESS model is for those who have been worrying about limited kitchen space. It’s has all the innovative technology in a small and smart design.

Dehydrating Fruit In A Dehydrator

Dry a combination of fruits for your next adventure and you’ll have an easy snack on the go! Or! Up your cake decorating game!

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Happy Dehydrating!

“Rita” cake images from MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA WEBSITE. 

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  1. This is a good read. I didn’t know about dehydrating fruit before reading this. It’s surprising to know that there’s such thing.

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