What’s The Blender Used On Masterchef?
17 May

What’s The Blender Used On Masterchef?

What’s the blender used on Masterchef? You only have to look at the opening credits to see that these talented kitchen magicians have the best tools of their trade. The Vitamix! We love ours and it’s clear to see that the Judges and aspiring winners love theirs too. The Brushed Stainless finish fits perfectly with all the other kitchen gadgets and interiors, although… I personally would love to see a red one shining on TV. 

‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold! You’re yes then you’re no! You’re in then you’re out, you’re up then you’re down. You’re wrong when it’s right, it’s black and it’s white, we fight, we break…

Ok ok… don’t lie! You always sing along when the opening credits start. Look how shiny and happy Nicole is with her colourful creation in the Vitamix!

What's The Blender Used On Masterchef?

What’s the blender used on Masterchef?

A definite highlight for me so far has been Gary and his Chocolate and Beetroot masterpiece. If there is a culinary pairing that everyone must try it’s Chocolate and Beetroot. This recipe is amazingly good / clever / impressive however, will not be of interest to those who are on a Sugar free diet or Vegan. Gary utilises the Vitamix to create smooth and creamy puree’s … perfection!

It’s a very in depth and involved recipe to make so you need to be prepared. Just to give you an idea, the baking of the beetroot takes about 1.5 hours! It is so worth it though… so so so worth it. Definitely a dessert to impress those you love.

I think my next experiment will be to see if I can play around with this recipe to suit vegans. I love the Masterchef Workshops and it’s great to see professionals doing what they love and using equipment they love.

Masterchef relies on Vitamix due to its Power, Performance and Quality. Vitamix invented high performance blending and you’ll love it for the same reason that professional chefs like Gary do. Vitamix certainly makes cooking and preparing food easier.

Whether you want to experiment with advanced techniques or just want to make the perfect margarita, your Vitamix machine can handle it like a pro.

Check out the full recipe HERE

Here’s Gary getting excited…

What's The Blender Used On Masterchef?

… about the Pure Beetroot Goodness! You should see the smooth consistency it creates. It’s so easy in the Vitamix!

What's The Blender Used On Masterchef?

Good to see he clipped the lid on properly…

What's The Blender Used On Masterchef?

We’re excited to see what amazing creations the contestants this year are going to master. Does anyone have a favourite yet?

Watch full episodes HERE. It’s the only time we like being couch potatoes!


*all images in this blog have been screen shot from the Master Chef Videos on their website HERE

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