DIY Christmas Tree
16 Dec

DIY Christmas Tree

You’re probably thinking that I have lost my marbles, but yes… this is a Christmas Tree. Mum gave me the Christmas Tree duties this year and I don’t mean to sound like a grinch but I freaked out thinking I had to tackle the Green Monster and its decorations that manage to strangle me. So I thought I would try something different…

Now, I am no painter but I really wanted to put some personal touches on decorations this year. I simply painted an old canvas that I had lying around with some acrylic paints and decorated the outside with some brightly coloured pom poms and baubles. I stuck these on with Araldite which can be found at most supermarkets. You can also use super glue.

Here is a close up of the colourful pom poms and baubles.

Close up pom poms

Around it at home I have strung up some very simple Christmas lights to give it that festive look. My mother was born in PNG so I have surrounded it with relics from her hometown in Port Moresby and some photos of family members with the occasional Christmas Decoration.

It’s very simple, however, it’s personal with a lot of meaning to us as a family. I’ve always thought photos and personal items are the best decorations.

What are some of your favourite DIY decorations?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

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