Tips for staying motivated!
18 Dec

Tips for staying motivated!

Motivation. It’s a hard thing to stay on top of. It takes a lot of work and, well… motivation! There’s a quote for you, “It takes a lot of motivation to stay motivated…” – C.Walters 2015. I thought I would compile a nice list of things to keep in mind to help everyone stay motivated! Tips I have picked up throughout my 28 years of attempting to sort out exactly what I want to do. See what works for you!

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10 Easy(ish) steps to stay motivated

Organise you life! It’s so easy to take on a new and exiting project only to have the day-to-day distractions that life brings interrupt your gnarly flow. Sort out your bills. Sort out any commitments, be them social or work. Take into consideration who you share your life with as well. Children. Partner. Family members and friends. Layout your diary so you know what you have coming up. Don’t make any more unwanted surprises stop you in your tracks.

Visualize your goal. Picture yourself nailing it on the head and succeeding. See it. Feel it. Smell it. Hear it. Get rid of any negative thoughts that may cause doubt. When I was a full time dancer I would always visualize myself nailing my performance and most of the time it would work. Athletes do this all the time. They visualize their entire performance right down to the dramatic collapse from exhaustion at the finish line. Expect something great to happen for you and it will.


Make a list. I love lists! Spend some quiet time writing down exactly why you want to accomplish a certain goal. Make sure you physically write it out using a pen and paper. (how radical I know…) Our brain engages a lot more when we physically write as appose to touch typing away using good ol’ spell check. It can be for the very simplest of reasons like, “I just want to set myself a challenge and overcome it.” It doesn’t have to be for that golden trophy of fancy certificate.

Build your own support team. Take note of those who you choose to surround yourself with. You want to stay motivated and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you have friends who support you and will cheer you on from day one. Express to them why you are doing this and how much it means to you. If they truly respect you as a friend they will be there for support at the lowest of times.


Mentally prepare for those horrible moments. The one’s where you are too tired to move on. The, “This is terrible. I am really bad at this. Everyone’s going to hate it,” moments. *cue the violins. Think about all the obstacles that great role models have endured to get where they are. You’re not going to get ANYWHERE sitting on your behind and hosting a pity party with one single guest. Think of how lucky you are to be given opportunity. Opportunities! They’re amazing things if you actually do something with them.Have a break from smothering yourself in your goal. Go for a run. Go to a Pilates class or group fitness class. Get your blood circulating and your mind clear. This always re-inspires. Even talk to your closest friends about your struggle. They will get you on track.

Focus more on what you can than what you can’t. Things may not always go to plan. Don’t focus on this. No one physically got over a tall obstacle by standing there looking at it and constantly thinking how impossible it is going to be to get over it. Some things aren’t within your control and there is no use wasting time stressing over it. Use that energy to find a solution and keep on track. Sometimes falling off track will lead you to even more exciting and unexpected things! Let Thomas Edison be a good example of this… “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
A good thing here is to remember not to take your frustrations out on your loved ones. You don’t want two problems to deal with…

Celebrate your accomplishments. Big or small. Any movement forward or a small win is a win! Make sure you take the time out to celebrate. Not only because you deserve it but because it’s a good way to help keep the mind clear and focused on continuous growth. Your reward can be anything! Throwing a get together with friends. Taking a weekend away or treating yourself to an intimate dinner. Most importantly… don’t overlook it! You are worth your weight in saffron!

Learn from your mistakes. Admit it. You messed up. You’re human! Not a robot! Learn from your mistake and then move on. Write down possible solutions on how you can improve next time and try and find the direct source of what made you make a mistake in the first place.

Ask for help

Ask for help. I know you want to claim all the praise for succeeding however, no goal doesn’t succeed without the help of others! There’s the saying, “Get the right tool for the right job.” Sometimes there are tasks that you won’t be able to handle nor have the capability to do, so asking someone else is always the way to go. There is a massive incentive when you share a plan. Not only do you have the company of positive people around you but you get to creatively bounce ideas off each other and stay inspired!

Enjoy yourself! Don’t take yourself too seriously and become a slave to time restrictions and deadlines. Remember, you are most likely setting a goal that will benefit you and your loved ones in the long run so just visualize how good you will feel accomplishing what you’ve set.

Well.. what are you waiting for? Move Move Move!

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