Edible Blooms!
23 Feb

Edible Blooms!

Fresh flowers are one of my most favourite things. They add instant life, beauty and aroma to a room and they brighten up almost any ones day! But did you know that you can eat them? Well some of them …

Yep … say hello to edible blooms! Be the talk of the party with your pretty dishes – bright, colourful and full of aroma. Edible flowers are the perfect addition to you culinary creations and can be added to salads, desserts and very merry bevarages.

Here are some of our flower foodie favourites!

edible flowers raw blend

  • Bachelors Button – The petals are edible and take on a grassy greens flavour.
  • Marigold/Calendula – These pretties are great for adding colour to any dish and have peppery, spicy taste.
  • Carnations/Dianthus – The petals have a sweet taste and are quite fragrant.
  • Chysanthemum – These can be a little bitter sometimes and have a peppery flavour. Make sure you only use the petals.
  • Hibiscus – used in teas and bubbly they are vibrant in colour and flavour with a cranberry/tart taste.
  • Jasmine – These beauties are very fragrant and are most commonly used in teas. You can also use to sweeten a dish but be warned a little goes a long way.
  • Lavender – Sweet and spicy these flowers are great for sweet and savoury creations.
  • Nasturtium – This is probably one of the most popular edible flowers you can get your hands on. They are vibrant in colour and perfect to brighten up any dish as a garnish. They also have a great flavour – sweet and floral and then you get a nice hit of a peppery finish.
  • Pansy – The petals of these are little bland. They are great for garnish and colour.
  • Rose – The petals have a strong aroma and are beautiful to garnish bevarages and desserts. They have also been used traditionally in Indian cuisine.
  • Sunflower – The petals of this sunshine flower can be eaten and look beautiful added to salads and desserts.
  • Violets – Floral and sweet in flavour and beautiful to look at which makes them a perfect garnish for fancy beverages, cakes and salads.

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Important to remember before chowing down!

So there are some important things to remember if you are thinking about adding edible flowers into your diet.

  • Only eat produce from certified organic growers specifically for human consumption. Lovers please do not go and pick up a bunch of flowers from your florist, supermarket or the side of the road and decide to curb your cravings … these pretties are sprayed with pesticides and who knows what else and are not fit for human consumption. Make sure you source someone who can supply you with edible blooms.
  • Know your flower species. This is super important, there a lot of flowers out there that look the same, but they are different …  Don’t assume, If you aren’t 100% sure what it is, don’t eat it. Consuming the wrong type of flower can leave you feeling very ill – or worse … it is always best to buy packaged, organic certified blooms so you know exactly what you are getting.
  • If you have known allergies or asthma it’s best to be cautious about ingesting blooms.
  • Only eat the petals unless otherwise specified.
  • To keep your edible beauties fresh, keep them refrigerated in airtight containers. Most varieties will last this way for up to 10 days.
  • Always wash your blooms like you would any other fruit or veg before consuming. Flowers are very delicate so it’s best not to shove them under the tap but rather dip them gently in a bowl of water or use a spray bottle to spritz them and then lightly dab with paper towel to dry.

Try adding some of these beauties to your next Raw Dessert or ice-blocks as a pretty garnish and make your food a bloomin’ beauty!

What’s your favourite edible bloom?

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