Featured Friend Interview: Amy Jordan – WundaBar Pilates
29 Mar

Featured Friend Interview: Amy Jordan – WundaBar Pilates

Meet celebrity trainer Amy Jordan. Amy began practicing Pilates in 2006 and loves sharing her fitness passion with friends, family and clients since her first high-energy Pilates studio opened in 2008. “You are only as strong as you prepare yourself to be; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. With Pilates, you tap into energy and strength you may not even know you possess!” In 2011 Amy launched WundaBar Pilates, the revolutionary Pilates studios you can visit across the nation today.

“It’s simple, really. I aimed to create the Gold Standard of Pilates equipment in one outstanding machine, to allow for unprecedented client results and access for anyone seeking their WundaBody!” After creating the WundaFormer, she knew this would blossom into business opportunities for other success-minded individuals!

Amy leads her team not only with an expertise in fitness, but also with a background as an Entertainment Marketing Executive with over 12 years of experience developing global campaigns for Universal Studios, Marvel Entertainment, Fox, Sony and DreamWorks.

This Wunda Woman is helping to create healthier bodies and minds and we are excited to have Amy as our monthly Featured Friend.

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Amy, what does creating ‘A Healthy Mix for Life’ mean to you?

Never stop moving, growing and learning! Over the last decade I’ve jettisoned from one career to follow a passion for Pilates to create WundaBar Pilates that has shifted my entire focus to health. It’s important to keep learning the latest science on what is good for you and YOUR body rather than assuming it’s a one-size-fits-all. In movement it presents itself with creative new exercises or choreography. When it comes to diet, I function, feel and look my best eating a pesca-vegan diet. For others that might mean paleo or gluten free. Being hungry to know and learn what works best for YOU is critical.

A pesca-vegan diet … it sounds amazing! So, what does your day on a plate look like?

It starts in a cup! Not a coffee cup, an amazing WundaShake that’s vegan, gluten free and packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants and more. It’s a secret recipe but I swear by SunWarrior Classic Vanilla Powder for any and all smoothies!

Lunch is often tuna salad (vegan mayo!) over greens or poached salmon.

My first choice for dinner is always sushi (hello, Sugarfish!). I’m an LA baby so you won’t have to twist my arm for mexican food – guacamole practically runs through my veins. If I’m celebrating there’s always champagne involved!!

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Obviously food is a huge part of living well but that doesn’t just mean eating healthy … how do you keep your mind and body healthy?

Move, move, move! I’ll quote my mentor, Marie-Jose Blom here: “In our over-developed society, our basic need to move has become underdeveloped. This is due to an overly supported environment. This environment allows the body to believe that movement is an act of recreation rather than life’s necessity to keep a well-designed machine running.”

You are such an inspiration to so many women (and men) but who is your health, wellness or fitness guru?

Marie-Jose Blom! She is not only made of magic, but she has been a pivotal guide in my journey to Pilates and health. She approaches wellness as a whole life experience – not just movement, not just mind, not just diet…literally everything from the vibrations of your central nervous system to a well executed Eve’s Lunge!

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If you could share with the Raw Blend Family one piece or your wisdom what would it be?

Always keep moving. Through pain (emotional or physical), through sorrow, through joy, through love, through loss…through it all keep moving.

What is your ONE Super Hero Food that you cannot live without?

Avocado. No wait, strawberries. No, no wait, almonds. OK forget it…champagne!!

We are lucky enough to have you share one of your favourite recipes with us today, why do you love this recipe?

As a mama of two young kids, I’m always looking to get more veggies in them, and I love to cook! This recipe allows for a beautiful homemade soup without much fuss and loads of veggies getting in. My kiddos call it “orange soup” and sometimes even ask me to make it “green soup” which means I put it back in the blender with a handful of fresh spinach. It’s magic!

Butternut squash recipe image Amy

Butternut Squash Soup — One Pan!

Makes:  4-5 cups



  • 1.5 lbs butternut squash, cubed
  • 1 yam, roughly peeled and cubed
  • 1 leek, chopped
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 2 shallots, chopped
  • 1 tsp garlic (optional)
  • 1 small roma tomato (optional, this gives a bright taste to soup and makes it less sweet)
  • lightly coat all above ingredients with Coconut Oil and season with salt and pepper
  • organic vegetable broth


1. Roast all ingredients above in a glass roasting pan and cook for approx 40 min on 400 degrees fahrenheit.

2. Remove from oven and put into Vitamix with a box of organic vegetable broth. Set to “soup” and let it go!

3. Once completely blended taste and add any of the following to finish as you wish…a tbsp of maple syrup will make it sweet, a small splash of balsamic will give an unexpected finish, more salt or lemon juice to cut down on the sweet.

4.  And remember, if you want it to be “magic green soup” return it to the blender and toss in a handful of baby spinach…your kids will be amazed! 🙂

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  1. I thought it was a raw-recipe :o(
    it should be mentioned in the name of the recipe that it isn’t raw, all the more that the website that it’s posted on says “rawblend.com” :o)

    1. Hi Kris,

      We do encourage that people consume more raw fruit and vegetables in their everyday eating habits however, not all of the recipes that we feature on the Raw Blend website are raw. We like to encourage all different kinds of healthy eating and living and encourage people to find their own ‘Healthy Mix for Life’. That may be raw food, vegan, paleo … we don’t discriminate:) What works for one individual may not work for another so we love to feature people and recipes from all walks of life. We hope you understand. If you are looking for Raw recipes specifically here is a link from our Raw Recipe section on the website http://www.rawblend.com.au/raw-foods-recipes.html I hope you find this helpful and we wish you a wonderful day!
      Happy Blending!

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