Featured Friend:  Lauren Felts – The Holy Kale
31 Jul

Featured Friend: Lauren Felts – The Holy Kale

This weeks Featured Friend is a certified nutritionist, published author of ‘The Miracle Kidney Cleanse,’ nutrition editor at The Chalkboard Mag, and owner of the popular health and wellness website The Holy Kale.   

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you all the lovely Lauren Felts.

Lauren has mastered the art of health through multiple facets of training. A graduate of University of Southern California, her personal health journey brought her to working in all aspects of the wellness field: managing supplement sales and education for a national manufacturer, working in private practice, contributing editorials to influential publications, and supporting the launch of a raw culinary school and restaurant. Her expertise culminates all veins of the field, but it is through her unique, fun and approachable voice found in her website, The Holy Kale, where she is able to inspire you the reader on your quest for health.

As an advocate for inspiring others on their quest for health, Lauren specializes in holistic nutrition, cleansing, toxin-free living and utilizing superfoods for beauty by addressing not only the body, but also the mind and soul.


Firstly Lauren, what does creating ‘a healthy mix for life’ mean to you?  

It means finding a balance between what makes you feel happy, what makes you feel peaceful, and practicing the things you know make your body healthy. For each person this is different, but for me this means routine and allowing myself to feel joyful in each moment and to live without regret.

What does your day on a plate look like and why do you eat the way you do?

My morning starts with a superfood smoothie. This typically has frozen berries, a half of an avocado, a plant-based protein powder, hemp or chia seeds, maca powder and either maqui or acai powder. I then top it with coconut shreds, bee pollen and goji berries. For snacks I am partial to any fresh fruit I can find at the farmers market. My favorites are white nectarines, persimmons, and grapes. I also am a huge fan of Mary’s Gone Crackers, which are gluten-free seed crackers with real fermented cashew nut cheese. As for lunch and dinner? These look very similar. A blend of cooked sprouted grains, steamed vegetables and either an organic egg or another protein like wild salmon. I also love huge salads in the summertime or soups in the fall and winter.


Living a healthy life doesn’t just mean eating well … how do you keep your mind and body healthy?

Every morning before I start my work day I go for a walk on the beach. I do not look at my cell phone or emails before that. I try to meditate on what I am grateful for, and try to just appreciate having another day ahead of me. This is essential to feeling peaceful. I also practice yoga a few times of a week, and will get in a morning and evening prayer/meditation every day. The final thing I do that makes a huge difference is to close my day similar to how I started it. That is by turning off my phone and computer, and practicing a joyful, peaceful activity. Mostly this is reading a good book in bed and then going to sleep early.

Who is your health, wellness or fitness guru and why?

To have just one would be impossible. I have many and they change based on what I am going through and what lessons I need to learn. With that being said, I am lucky to have a very spiritually- minded family, so everyone from my father to my grandmother and aunt influence and inspire me. I also find gurus in many people I work with, each one sharing unique pearls of wisdom that they have learned through their own life experience. This is what is so cool. If you are open to growing and learning, everyone and everything is there to teach you. You just have to have your eyes open wide enough to see it.

What is your ONE Super Hero Food that you cannot live without?

KALE of course! The reason being is that kale is so versatile and every time I eat it, it makes me feel well, so healthy! I use it in my smoothies, to make awesome salads, steam it for veggie bowls, and blend it to make pestos. I also cannot live without kale chips… those are my favorite!


If you could share with the Raw Blend Family one piece of your wisdom what would it be?

Despite what you may see on T.V., online, in movies, in newpapers, or on social media, no health/ fitness guru is perfect. All that you see is a snap shot in time, our very best moments. So never be hard on yourself or think that you are not good enough. We are all doing our best, and are a work in progress – improving ourselves all the time. So if you happen to be indulging in a piece of cake and a glass of red wine while you are looking at your guru’s post of their raw dinner and green juice, just know it’s okay! It is as much about the pleasure of things as it is about the practice… and who knows, there is a good chance they may share your indulgences from time to time too.

We are lucky enough to have you share one of your favourite recipes with us, why do you love this recipe?

I love this recipe because it utilizes the basic ingredients that most people have on hand, making it an easy thing to whip up in a moment’s notice. They are also quite versatile, making both the perfect snack and dessert bite, having the ideal balance between sweet and salty. The best part is that they provide so many nutrients that the body is craving, from healthy fats, to minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Did I mention they taste heavenly as well?

Almond-butter-bites newest


  • 1/4 cup almond meal
  • 4 Tbsp almond butter (raw)
  • 2 Tbsp yacon syrup or raw honey
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup raw cashews (roughly chopped)
  • 1 Tbsp raisins or goji berries (roughly chopped)
  • 1 date (pitted and roughly chopped)


  1. In a large bowl, add almond butter, raw honey, sea salt, vanilla and almond meal. Mix by kneading into a dough with hands. Feel free to add a little almond meal to hands to prevent the “dough” from sticking.
  2. Next, add cashews, raisins or gojis, and date. Mix evenly so that the nuts and fruit are evenly distributed throughout the “dough.”
  3. Finally, form into small balls with hands. Place into a glass tupperware lined with wax paper. Store in freezer to harden. May be eaten within a few hours or so.

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