Help your kids develop healthy eating habits.
04 Jul

Help your kids develop healthy eating habits.

When it comes to helping your kids develop healthy habits, everything comes down to how many times you’ve managed to demonstrate an ability to lead. In a word, every parent needs to have strong leadership and parental skills. We’ve certainly been looking at our habits now that little Teddy is here. 

Have in mind that you lead by example, not by telling stories. In a way, kids are like sponges, soaking up the infinite amount of information on a daily basis. They literally absorb everything they see around them, which is why parents need to be especially careful with their own behaviour when they’re near kids.

Show them the real meaning of self-compassion 

Unfortunately, we often see people self-destruct. One of the reasons behind this negative trend might be that they lack self-compassion. Today’s society happens to encourage toughening things out more than it rewards simple acts of kindness and compassion. In order to be able to teach your children how to love themselves, you’ll have to embrace self-love and be nicer to yourself.

Embrace empathy and humanity

A lack of empathy leads to potentially very destructive consequences in the future. Psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen says that people who are unable to relate with other people’s needs often see them as mere objects, which is why a lack of empathy is the source of every evil in this world. Protect your kids against destructive behavior by regularly showing love to people who visit your house the most.

Wake up early

If you manage to make your kids become early birds, that alone is going to be the best thing you’ve done in terms of helping them develop a strong work ethic. Bear in mind that, due to a rising number of distractions available in your home, your kids’ work ethic is particularly challenged. This is why it’s extremely important to help them build a strong sense of responsibility.

Prepare healthy snacks for everyone

Obesity among children is only getting worse – the number of obese young kids has reached the alarming 41 million. Overweight and obesity are usually caused by unhealthy eating habits. For this reason, you should stop bringing fast food to your home. Prepare delicious yet healthy meals, and encourage your kids to eat fruits and vegetables.

Encourage vitamin intake

Speaking of nutrition, your children should get their vitamins and minerals from both the balanced diet and healthy supplements. However, in order to get familiar with this topic, you’ll have to do these two things – search for vitamins online and consult doctors and nutritionists before giving them to your little ones. Vitamins can be particularly helpful to the overweight young boys and girls, and the ones whose parents don’t always have time to prepare healthy and well-rounded meals.

Always remind them to pack a bottle of fresh water

It’s essential to help your kids understand the importance of the water intake. Give them a few glasses of water every morning, and remind them to always pack a bottle of fresh water before they go outside to play. One study suggests that staying hydrated will help them to perform well at school.

Give them dark chocolate

As we all know, kids are big fans of sweets, especially chocolates. However, it’s for the best to limit their sugar intake and take control over what kind of sweet products is consumed daily. For example, dark chocolate is not only nutritious but it also has many health benefits – reduced stress, improved blood flow, enhanced brain function, and so on.

Motivate them to do sports

Physical activity is extremely important for kids’ health. You should definitely encourage your children to do sports. Still, don’t push them to do something they don’t really enjoy. Take them to some sporting events to see what kind of game gets their attention.

Spend quality time together

Kids can be easily deceived by their peers and adults. In order to teach them how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, you should embrace family time as often as you can. No matter how busy you may be, always find time to talk to your kids. If the situation is urgent and requires canceling your appointments – do it without any delay!

You should all sleep better

Turn off their TVs and mobile phones (if they already have them) when the night comes. This will help them sleep much better. Sometimes you’ll need to be very strict.

By helping your kids develop healthy habits, you’ll become more aware of both positive and negative sides of your own lifestyle as well. Having this in mind, you can go through changes as a family, which is always a lot easier for the children.

Here’s to good health! 


BIO: “Diana is a biochemist and blogger currently based in Sydney. She loves to mix science in her everyday life, especially in making healthy food. She is also interested in fashion and beauty. And if she can connect all of her passions and share them with others, it’s just the best feeling ever.”

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