How to clean your Vitamix Container?
25 Jul

How to clean your Vitamix Container?

How to clean your Vitamix Container? We get this question a lot from customers who have stains on their Vitamix container from overuse or  from spices such as Turmeric. Overtime, your Vitamix container will build up some scale from everyday use so here are some handy tips on how to clean your Vitamix Container.

How to clean your Vitamix Container


Some people use normal bleach to clean their container. Just let it soak for a few hours and make sure that you give your container a really good rinse before using again.

There are some more natural ways to clean your container though…

Make your own “Bleach” recipe

This is a great way to make your own bleach recipe that isn’t as harsh as the real thing.

1)  4 cups water
2)  1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
3)  10 drops lemon essential oil

Let this mixture sit in your container for a few hours and then rinse really well. Give it a scrub with a non abrasive brush or cloth.

Vinegar Wash

This is a great natural alternative.

1) Place one cup of vinegar or apple cider vinegar to your Vitamix container and add 2 Tbsp Bicarbonate Soda.
2) Fill up the rest of your container with boiling water. Be careful when doing this.
3) Let it soak for 4 hours or when you’ve gone out for the day.
4) Pour contents out & use a soft (non abrasive) brush to clean.
5) Rinse the container thoroughly with clean water.
6) Clean as you would normally.


This is a great technique which works really well for those stubborn Turmeric stains. This is a cleaning technique more for “Colour Stains” rather than scale or any other build up.

Simple – After giving your container a good rinse, place it out in the sun for a few hours. Watch the stains disappear! The UV rays are said to be really helpful in breaking down the colour stain.

We might sound crazy but it actually works! We have had clients prove it does.

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So now you know how to clean your Vitamix Container. To shop our full range of Vitamix Blenders and Vitamix Containers CLICK HERE.

Happy Clean Blending everyone 🙂

8 Reviews for “How to clean your Vitamix Container?”

    1. Hi Alexandra. Do you mean regular bleach? If so, for 1L of water make sure you put in about half a tsp. (teaspoon) Thank you for reading!

  1. Which will work the best?? And what can I do to clean it well after every smoothie? Running the machine with soapy water, ETC. doesn’t clean it. Thanks!!

    1. Bleach will work best obviously but a lot of people don’t use bleach products anymore. I would recommend the bicarb and vinegar wash and leaving it soaking throughout the day. You will never get your container looking like brand new again as it will cloud after a few years of use. I would (after washing it with soapy water after making a smoothie) give the inside a good scrub with a micro-fibre cloth.

  2. It would be great if Vitamix just switched to glass pitchers. Their plastic pitchers are a real chore to clean.

    1. Hi Eda, Vitamix were testing a glass container years ago however, it was so heavy (about 5kgs) that it was not practical to release. The problem with a glass container is that if a customer were to leave a metal spoon inside the container (which happens regularly) the glass would shatter and be very dangerous as Vitamix is so powerful and the blades spin so fast. Plastic is the safest option. Happy Blending!

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