Juicing vs. Blending which is better for your health?
16 Oct

Juicing vs. Blending which is better for your health?

We get this question all the time. Juicing vs. Blending which is better for your health? The answer is that juicing and blending both have their benefits and you shouldn’t ignore either when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. So, what is the difference between Juicing and Blending? 

Juicing and Blending require different equipment. If you’re wanting to juice you’ll need a quality masticating juicer like the Greenstar Elite Juicer and if you’re wanting to blend you’ll need a quality high-performance blender like a Vitamix Blender.

Juicers or juice extractors typically make juice and blenders typically make smoothies however, both juicers and blenders can perform an array of culinary kitchen tasks including nut butters, nut milks, ice-creams and more.

What is the best juicer?

Most juicers have slow rotating blades, augers or gears that are used to either cut, grind, crush, slice, press and mix the fruit and vegetables to produce a nutritious juice. Juicers squeeze as much juice as possible from fruit and vegetables and the pulp is separated from the juice. A good quality juicer will produce a nice dry pulp where as a cheap juicer will produce a wet pulp.

Any leftover pulp from your juicer can be used for compost or dehydrated in a food dehydrator to make recipes such as crackers or wraps. If you’re in the market for a quality food dehydrator then we recommend shopping our range of food dehydrators.

Blenders have blades but that’s the only similarity they share with juicers. A high performance blender, like Vitamix will create a vortex like motion and pulverise the ingredients into a smooth consistency. The pulp stays with the juice, thus creating a thick whole food smoothie.

Blenders spin at very high speed which creates friction and causes oxidation, this can lead to a decrease in the nutritional content of your smoothie however, with a blender you’re getting 100% of the fibre.

On the other hand juicers spin at very low speed which preserves the enzymes and increases the nutritional content of your juice however, you’re losing lots of fibre which can increase the natural sugar levels in your juice. With a juicer you get an intense amount of vitamins in a small amount of juice because you’re using more produce however, this also means more waste or compost is created.

In short, Juicing separates juice from the pulp and blending includes everything and nothing is separated or removed.

What about the Fibre? Is it a good or bad thing if it’s lost? 

If you Juice or Blend you will still be getting Fibre! No matter what! It’s because there are two types of fibre and they work differently in your body.

Soluble Fibre – Remains in your juice even when taking out the pulp.

Soluble Fibre absorbs water in the intestines and forms a gel that assists in slowing down the transit of food through your digestive tract. It supports a healthy gut thanks to its pre-biotic properties.

Insoluble Fibre – The pulp that remains in your smoothie.

Juicing vs. Blending which is better for your health?

Insoluble fibre leaves you feeling fuller for longer as it literally takes up more room in your stomach. It also helps keep you regular and bulks up your stools.

Both Juicing and Blending are great as they are a fantastic way to increase your daily veggie and fruit intake. They are also fun to create with the family and hide greens for those pesky eaters.

Juicing vs. Blending which is better for your health?

Juicing vs. Blending which is better for your health?

This all depends on your overall health goals.

If you’re itching to lose weight… 

A diet that consists of daily juicing will allow you to get your daily calorie intake and flood your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals you need without feeling hungry. Perfect for when you are having a huge diet overhaul.

Just ensure that you are closely monitored by your health professional. A diet high in juicing may not even be suited to you!

If you’re wanting to maintain your weight and get healthier… 

Both a Juicer and a Blender can help. Adding in smoothies as meal replacements and combining these with juices will allow you to sustain your current weight AND get a high dose of vitamins and minerals.

At the end of the day it’s always best to consult your health professional and find a diet that’s suited to your needs and ailments. It’s so important to keep a constant check on your body and give it some regular maintenance. Just like you do with your car! Why should your body be any different?

Juicing vs. Blending which is better for your health?

If you’re looking for the best juicer for hard vegetables and greens then we recommend the award-winning Greenstar Elite Juicer, which will produce the most nutritious and highest yield of all juicers we have tried.

If you’re looking for the best blender which will produce the smoothest consistency blend then we recommend Vitamix which has been at the top of the blending game for many decades.

Happy Blending and Happy Juicing! 

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