Monthly Guest Blog – Audrey ScharfKOMBUCHA by Extra Mile Health
18 Jul

Monthly Guest Blog – Audrey ScharfKOMBUCHA by Extra Mile Health

Audrey Scharf is the founder of Extra Mile Health. Inspired by the diverse wellness community and demand for functional foods, Extra Mile Health is a readily available source of bacteria that’s good for the soul. Audrey has faced the many challenges that come with a grassroots business however, this hasn’t flattened her fizz. After just one year Audrey’s community continues to foster the redefinition of health through their conscientious engagement with an enthusiasm that sets the tone for a revolution in how we view our health. We are so excited to feature Audrey as our July’s Guest Blogger and are super excited to share her passion with the Raw Blend Community.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a bubbly, naturally fermented beverage that tastes delicious and is perfect on a summer day! Made from a ‘mother culture’ which is a SCOBY (containing yeast and bacteria) that is added to sweet tea. This fermentation process results in the production of healthy living bacteria which are great for your stomach, detoxing, healing and aiding in digestion. Considered a functional food, it has been known to help people over come diseases, and increases energy- who wouldn’t want to drink it?

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Its health benefits

With increasing evidence supporting that our gut is our second brain, we need to maintain a healthy immune system and look after it as it’s  vital in maintaining a healthy body and mind.  By drinking Kombucha, it increases the longevity of your gut microbes, improving digestion by balancing out bad bacteria with lots of all natural good bacteria and strains of goodness.

Kombucha tea has also been known to treat types of arthritis, constipation, diabetes, fatigue, IBD (Irritable bowel syndrome) and skin conditions. What’s even better is if you drink it when you have an upset stomach the digestive benefits complement the acidity levels in your stomach, making them healthy again! The living enzymes also assist in the breakdown of foods, so have a drink while you’re eating or just after.

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The history

Kombucha has been enjoyed around the world for thousands of years, particularly in Eastrn Europe and Asia.

The term Kombucha may have originated in 441 AD when a Korean doctor named Kombu prescribed Kombucha to the emperor of Japan as a medicinal tonic. The work cha means tea in Korean and was added to the doctor’s name, hence ‘Kombu-cha’.

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Why the extra mile does what it does

We here at Extra Mile always encourage other people to ‘go the extra mile’ for themselves, for others and to go the extra mile in life to achieve a whole happy healthy and wholesome lifestyle. We love spreading the word by participating in events and educating others on how to look after themselves, the best way they can.

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Stay in touch with Kombuch by Extra Mile Health and follow them @extramilekombucha

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