Monthly Guest Blog – Renee BellLittle Girls with Great Big Dreams
07 Apr

Monthly Guest Blog – Renee BellLittle Girls with Great Big Dreams

Meet Renee Bell. Professional photographer. Mother. Artist. Life + Health Coach. Nutritional Medicine Student. Aromatherapy lover. Dreamer. The girl by her side is her 11year old daughter Liana.

Because Renee and Liana believe that every girl needs a role model to look up to, they have created a virtual playspace that encourages creativity, conscious living, gratitude and giggles. As a mother/daughter team they provide an inspirational (and gorgeous!) dream space from both the tween and parent perspectives.

Their mission is to educate every girl (and her mama) about her miraculous body and about the foods and lifestyle choices that nourish and sustain her, allowing her to grow through gratitude, good health, grace and plenty of giggles.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Renee as our monthly guest blogger and to share with us more about her amazing initiative, Little Girls with Great Big Dreams.

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What is Little girls with great big dreams?

My daughter Liana is the reason I do what I do, I am who I am and I live how I live. She makes me want to be this happy, caring thoughtful person and together we live our lives surrounded by whimsical girliness, happy colours and wonderful people. Our lives are enveloped by those we hold dearest, the things we hold precious and the joy we find in each other’s company.Liana has always been incredibly open to trying new things, and to embracing the lifestyle choices I have started to implement over the last 5 or so years. Right from a young age there wasn’t much she wouldn’t eat, she loves all vegetables, smoothies, raw treats and will quite happily take beetroot hummus and veggie sticks to school for lunch. She was showing an interest in meditating and breathing exercises, loved to read and learn, was incredibly creative and was never as interested in computer games as other kids are nowdays. After she started to really want to understand the “why” of many things she was witnessing me do or eat I realized that there was so much about nourishing lifestyle choices that I wish I had of known at her age. So much that isn’t taught in schools. There is so much potential to teach these things to our girls, so that they grow up with an incredible variety of resources to draw on while navigating their lives. So, I decided to do just that!

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Grow through gratitude, good health, grace and plenty of giggles.

We don’t want to be the experts that constantly say “You should be grateful.” Instead we want to show girls how to feel thankful as they discover all that this life has to offer. We value openness and connection. We share our life within a place where beautiful, equates to messy, real and tender, not highly polished perfection.

Whimsy + wonder? Whole foods + wellness tips? Creativity meets conscious living?

All of these things and more is what Little girls with great big dreams is about. We want every girl (no matter her age) to live each day as a creative opportunity and that can only happen if the basic “real life responsibilities” are taken care of, which then allows the space to create their dream life.

Every day is a learning experience for Liana and I as we navigate school and growing up along with chores, running a household and all of the dreams, hopes and desires both of us have. Our plan for this home of ours on the www is to share what has and hasn’t worked for us and to create a library of articles, how-to’s and shared experiences to inspire our readers. One day soon – there will even be in person events, as well as online courses!

Although our website is a little pink and girly, and we talk about things from our perspective (as females!) the majority of things that we teach and share can be applied to anyone, at any age. So, if you have boys, if you are older or even have no kids at all please don’t be scared off. We welcome everyone!little girls big dreams

3 things we would love you to start to implement into your lives this week…

Experiment with food.

Try something new, or take something out that might not be working well for you. Most importantly though – try to become aware of how you feel after each meal. That will give you so many keys as to how you can improve your health and wellness.

Explore your breath.

One of the things Liana and I do a lot of is intentional breathing. We pick something we want to release and something we want to infuse and then breathe in what we want to infuse and breathe out what we want to release. For example – not so great day at school – breathe out stress/ sadness or frustration (what ever the appropriate word is) and breathe in calmness/ happiness etc. Sometimes more effective with eyes closed and can easily be done for a few minutes in the car on the way to or from school.

Get rid of stuff.

Clutter of course can ideally be cleared as often as possible – having more ‘space’ allows room for the good you are manifesting to come in. But also take a look at your bathroom and kitchen. Chemicals and nasties in your cleaning products, your skin and hair care products – can you switch to more natural options? Take a look at what solutions you can come up for the plastics that you store your food in, un-necessary food packaging and keeping in mind Liana’s most favourite motto “choose to reuse” – grab yourself some glass straws!!!

For more info on these topics and many more, head to the blog section of our website!

Little girls with great big dreams is so much more than a space to show-off our pretty pictures. You’ll learn how to cultivate gratitude and giggle more, as you grow into a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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This is your dream space, too.

As Liana and I journey towards our dreams we encourage you to expand, play and delight in what’s ahead for you: whatever age or stage you are at. Above all, we invite you to enter this space with your deepest dreams. They may not be fully formed yet, but we hope you feel free to dream as wide and as bright as you dare.

You’ll find plenty of dreams here, not just for myself and Liana, but for your own health and wellbeing, your creative expression and your expansion

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