New Year, No Fear!
26 Dec

New Year, No Fear!

It’s that time of year where everyone is in resolution mode. Let’s be honest. Most of these resolutions never come to fruition and end up being meaningless words on pieces of scrap paper which accumulate and either end up in the waste bin or paper airplanes.

Don’t get me wrong… paper planes are fun however, ticking off lists is also a favourite hobby! It’s time to start fresh and stick to it. Make your own life exciting. Complaining is a thing of the past! Give your mind and body a healthy kick start and make it a fun routine and why not get numerous friends and family members involved?


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I know this is OK for some things however, don’t make resolutions and not stick to them! Year after year after year…after… year… you catch my drift. Routine shouldn’t be mundane. You’ve worked hard to be where you are so don’t hit a brick wall and rely on a single button to lead the way. Take the path you haven’t yet seen and accept whatever it has to offer!

There will be ups and downs and some seriously heinous frustrations however, learn from these and try not to turn into a negative person. This will only make you sick in the end. You’re worth a lot more than that.


*paper included

Complaining about nothing to wear and complaining about the lack of space in your wardrobe at the same time? To be completely honest I have been there and disappointed with the fact that I was and still am. Not anymore though! There should be no such thing as a junk drawer in your bedroom or kitchen. Junk is junk.

Junk goes in a bin. Bins are emptied.

Don’t leave bad memories lying around or that knitted sweater that your best friend gave you about 4 years ago and have only put on once when a door salesman has knocked early in the morning and you need to look semi conscious and presentable. Yep. Done that before.

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Stop spending your hard earned money on stuff / things / objects. They will quickly become members of the junk pile and start creating storage box piles that any Lego enthusiast would be highly passionate about. Instead! Spend your money on experiences. Create memories with your friends and loved ones. This may require a camera which is classified as a thing so maybe we can let that one slide… It could be as simple as a regular dinner night where you all go over to each others houses and cook amazing meals and play games / share stories / vent over some frustrations and offer support.

Human interaction is a powerful force. Embrace it. Support it!

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Well.. congratulations for having a calendar to begin with however, don’t abuse its empty spaces! Frantic rushing, double booking, over scheduling only leads to bad things. Stress!

Stress is bad. Stress causes inflammation… inflammation is one of the leading causes of many diseases. Need I say anymore?

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Empty spaces can be good sometimes! Don’t glorify being busy. Glorify life balance which includes days where looking at the clouds is a good thing. It inspires the mind and so many good things can come out of “nothing” days. Don’t feel guilty about it. Nature is a beautiful thing and you deserve beautiful things. Plus, it’s free to look at! Bonus!


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Look at what you want and find out what you need. We always want a lot more that what we actually need.

Write a list…


Make it up of the things that really matter to you and your loved ones. We all need to be selfish every now and then however, what we choose to do in life will also affect those directly involved in your plans.

Do Title

Compile a list of the things and values that make your life complete. That make you happy, excited and eager to move forward. When you are faced with your next big decision refer to your list. If one path doesn’t align with your priorities then don’t go with that offer. You never know… it could lead you to bigger and better things! If it leads you astray… learn from it and then go back to your drawing board. Draw a big sad face on a stick figure body… come to the conclusion that you can’t draw (I can’t draw) and stop drawing. Put down the pencil and begin your next endeavor. Just picture that horribly drawn stick figure as a form of procrastination.

Procrastination = Bad. So stop it. The end.

Remember this is all easier said than done and I know it will take me a lot of will power to start applying these tasks. Think of the reward though! Surround yourself with supportive souls and offer them your help too.

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We all need to start supporting each other a lot more. In a world where bullying is so much more accessible thanks to trolling on the internet we need to be aware of the effect it has on people.

Go out there with a fresh start in 2015 and lead a more positive life. Not only will you be a lot happier but you will also effect those positively around you!


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