Pining for Pineapple?
25 Nov

Pining for Pineapple?

Pretty, prickly pineapple … tropical, yes. Delicious, check. Amazingly good for you, you bet! So what don’t you know about Pineapple? Here are five fun facts about what the delicious summer season fruit can do for you! Trust me, it will leave you pining for more …

reduce inflammation

Pineapple is the only fruit that contains an enzyme called Bromeline. This super enzyme is best known for its ability to reduce inflammation. Thanks to its effectiveness it can be used to relieve symptoms of arthritis, gout and muscle pains and strains as well as pain associated with injury. It is also fantastic for sore swollen throats and sinusitis. So the next time you finish a big sweat session at the gym and you are feeling a little sore … remember pineapple! Add it to your after workout smoothies or use it as a sweet pick me up snack when the 3PM fuzzies hit.

boost immunity

Yep, this tasty fruit is loaded with Vitamin C. In fact, just one cup of pineapple chunks contains almost your entire daily serve of Vitamin C! Now, as most of us know already, vitamin C is renowned for its immune boosting capabilities. Helping to warn off nasty colds and infections. Combine that with the enzyme Bromeline and you’ve got a pretty good natural combo to help fight the sniffles, lose the sore, swollen throat and help heal our bodies from the inside out.

healthy heart

Pineapple is pretty potent when it comes to its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help fight free radicals which damage our body causing things like high cholesterol, heart disease and even cancer. The high levels of potassium in pineapple and the lower amounts of sodium make this baby sweetly stress free – helping to reduce our blood pressure levels naturally, while reducing our risk of stroke too! The potassium plus the fibre and vitamin C all work together to help support our heart, making it happy & healthy.

beautiful skin

I mentioned before that pineapples are abundant in Vitamin C … but did you know that Vitamin C not only boosts your immune system, it is also vital in providing us with beautiful skin? Vitamin C assists our bodies in collagen production, helping to repair damaged cells and tissues. This means the higher the C, the higher the Collagen and the higher the collagen production, the firmer and flexible your skin will be. Reducing wrinkles and improving the overall texture. Not only this but pineapples when used topically are a great natural way to exfoliate and hydrate our skin. Get your glow on!

belly bloat NEW

Bromeline, Vitamin C and the good source of dietary fibre and water that pineapple inhabits will help you beat the bloat this summer. This super trio will help to keep our digestive systems healthy. Promoting regularity and eliminating unwanted toxins from our bodies so we can function at our best, while we look good in our summer threads.

Beat the heat this summer and taste the benefits by adding pineapple into your smoothie recipes!

Whats your favourite way to eat pineapple?

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