Valentine’s Gifts that don’t cost the earth.
06 Feb

Valentine’s Gifts that don’t cost the earth.

It’s that time of year again! Where one specific day can sometimes make or break a relationship! Well…maybe not break a relationship but who out there has started a riff with their partner for simply forgetting this day?

Come on people… we’re only human! Hug it out.

I know quite a few people who get angry at their partner for forgetting or for not hiring a helicopter to watch a fireworks display from above the Eiffel Tower in Paris followed by a private show by Tony Bennett. We’re not all made of money and extravagant ideas and the more I get older I find that the little things count more. Plus… helicopters are noisy.

I do love Tony Bennett though 😉

Gifts that are free or next to free!

1) Breakfast in bed. Enough said.

2) Organise a romantic dinner at home. Why pay for an expensive meal? I know it’s not free however, a home cooked meal is always an absolute pleasure and you can enjoy the left overs for the next few days to remind you of your wonderful creation. So light the gas stove and candles, throw up the fairy lights and enjoy a magical feast.

candle-flame dinnerfixed

3) Send messages and emails all throughout the day. I’ll leave the content up to you 😉 *growl.

4) Share a bubble bath together with a glass of bubbles. Don’t drink? Pour some soda water into a glass with a squeeze of lemon and some fresh berries and Cheers!

5) Watch a romantic movie together that you haven’t seen. A cool idea would be to set up a projector screen in the backyard with fairy lights (and mosquito coils) and comfy bean bags or even fill up a baby pool and enjoy your favourite snacks or drinks. Again… it’s not entirely free if you have to hire a projector etc. however, it’s better than queuing up at the movies and listening to someone battle with a packet of chips the whole time. Plus you can pause it when you want to go to the loo. Bonus!

6) Clean the kitchen for him or her. Or the car. It’s having these mundane chores done for you that always makes your day a whole lot nicer.

7) Create a scavenger hunt of love notes around the house. You can be as serious or silly as you want! Throw in a few personal jokes for comedic relief. Don’t get too soppy!

8) Go back to the basics and steer clear of purchasing a Valentine’s Day Card. Write your own handwritten love letter. You don’t need pictures of corny little glitter bears handing each other a bunch of roses. Or try your hand at drawing your own! If you’re worried about your handwriting? Type it out! Although… I am sure they won’t split up over some scratchy handwriting.

Handwritten love letters

Remember not to sign who it is from! In Victorian times it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card.

9) Take a nice romantic walk around the neighbourhood. Very simple but it’s time outside, time together and exercise.

10) Write them a poem.

11) Write them a song.

12) Record funny videos and send them to each other during the day. Laughing is the best form of medicine and stress relief.

13) Turn off all electrical equipment for the night. Even the lights! Go with some romantically lit candles and enjoy each others undivided attention.

14) Foot massages and chats on the couch.

15) Recently fallen Pregnant? Try and hold off telling your partner until Valentine’s Day. Super romantic! Only if the time is right though… I wouldn’t hold off telling the father of my child for months on end. That could be awkward…

16) Propose! Probably not the cheapest idea … but it’s forever x

Weddings bands

17) Bake something really yummy together.

18) Create a coupon book of things that she or him can redeem 😉

19) Hug, smooch and hold hands as much as you can in that one day. Realise how nice it is and then do it everyday!

20) Make a meal out of ingredients that are in your cupboard and fridge only! It’s super fun creating stuff together and funny to see what you both come up with. If it tastes absolutely heinous… I’ll leave that up to you.

21) If you’re home before your partner have some romantic music playing and their favourite snacks on the counter with their drink of choice. Or yours… either way… it’s food, drink, music and good company 😉 I like chocolate for the record…

22) MIDNIGHT SWIMS! If you have a pool or Jacuzzi. Or blow up baby pool.

23) Fitspo couple? Go to your local gym or park and enjoy a night of working out together and hit some personal bests!

24) Have their Pyjamas and bed sheets all freshly washed. Nothing beats sinking into a deep slumber donned in fresh Pj’s and swimming in clean sheets. Dab a little bit of lavender oil on their pillow case too. Not too much though! You don’t want to feel like your rolling around in a lavender field.

25) Start  an “Activities” fund account. Dream up of somewhere or something that you both want to do together and slowly put money towards it. Every time one of you swears = Money in the Jar. Every time one of you forgets to put the bins out = Money in the Jar. Every time one of you walks over the floor whilst it is still wet from mopping = Money in the Jar. Before you know it you’ll be diving with Great Whites in South Australia or going on an African Safari.

26) Take your partner to the very spot you met or had your first date. This will spark many memories and rekindle those early day jitters.

27) Go outside and lay under the stars. You don’t need to say anything or do anything. Just enjoy each others company and natural energy. Might be awkward thought if it was storming… maybe save that idea for a clear night.

28) Ladies! Write “I LOVE YOU” with lipstick on all your mirrors. If you’re single it doesn’t matter! It’s a perfect self love exercise! Got room mates you hardly know? It’s the perfect ice breaker… a very forward ice breaker…

29) Put love notes in your partners packed lunch.

30th gift idea quoteFIXED

 xoxo Kiss Hug Kiss Hug xoxo

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