How to Make a Green Smoothie using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to Make a Green Smoothie using the Vitamix – Video

Video Transcription:

Hi, it’s Tommy from Raw Blend. Dark leafy greens are the most nutritious foods we can put into our body. They contain the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals, they are high in anti-oxidants, and even amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Unfortunately, though, most people don’t get enough greens in their diet because they don’t like the bitter taste. I mean take this bunch of parsley for example. I could never sit down and eat all of this. It’s just not going to happen. It will taste horrible, and I’ll be chewing on it all day.

Throw some greens into the Vitamix with some sweet fruit. It’s not only going to taste delicious, it’s going to be quick and easy to drink. Green smoothies are the main reason I use my Vitamix machine everyday at home, and now it’s going to be the main reason you’ll use yours as well. So let’s show you how easy it is to make a delicious green smoothie.

In my container here, I have some green grapes. Nutritionists have found a chemical in grapes that help to lower cholesterol. I’m going to put in an assortment of fruit. You can use any fruit you like. We’re going to use some honeydew melon, the second most nutritious fruit on the planet. So, so good for you. So nutritious because of all these seeds. You don’t want to waste those at all. Just remove the peel, that’s a little bit bitter. I’ve got some apple. The doctor says, have an apple a day. He’s talking about the whole apple – seeds, core, the peel, the stem, 100 per cent goes in.

We’ve got some pear here. I love pear. Pears are great alkalizing fruit, and that’s what we want to do, we want to keep our bodies in an alkalized state for optimum health. Really good for you. And orange. Skin it or shave off the outside of this orange. Now just notice I’m trying to leave as much white on the orange as possible, there’s lots of vitamin C in the pit. Very, very good for you. So just do your best to shave the outside off there. That looks pretty good. Throw in the whole orange. You’re not going to bog down the Vitamix, it’s very powerful.

Now we’re going to put the pineapple in. Now pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, an anti-inflammatory great for arthritis and sore muscles, the highest concentration is found in the core. The part we usually throw in the bin. And it goes. And half a banana. All right, let’s put some greens in here.

I’ve got some spinach. I love spinach. Packed with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the closest thing to human blood. Just like a natural blood transfusion every time we put that in. So good for you. Put a nice big handful in there. And then put some fresh parsley. Now parsley’s an amazing cleanser, just like a natural high. Also good for fresh breath. Put that in there. And I’m going to put some ice in here. Just to keep it cold. The juice tastes better when it’s cold.

Notice how full I’m packing this up. Any quantity you can make it home, it doesn’t matter, as long as you cover the blade. I make this much every morning at home. We’ll lock all that in place. Make sure that lid’s locked in place. And I’ll start in at a slow speed. Now that’s barely turning. It’s the slowest blender on the planet. It’s not going to make us a smooth juice. This is great for chopping up your vegetables. Use it as a food processor. Just to give you an idea of the power. Two horsepower. Even at that slow speed. It’s called the tamper, designed to push everything into the blade. Even at that slow speed, I can push all that ice, that whole apple, straight into the blade. No, you’re not going to stop the machine from turning.

Pretty amazing. Hasn’t got smooth yet. That’s not going to make it a smooth juice. Let’s get it up at the high speed. These blades are spinning at over 30,000 RPM, 500 times a second. Alright. The juice is done. Got two litres of juice here. If we’re to make that at home in a juice extractor, probably get this much juice, minus the pulp and fibre. It’s expensive and you’re losing all that good nutrition.

Let’s serve up some of this. Green smoothies. Look at how smooth that comes out, seeds, the core, the peel, the stem, pulverized everything into liquid. Can’t wait to taste this. Alright.

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