How to Make Hot Soup using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to Make Hot Soup using the Vitamix – Video

Video Transcription:

Hi, it’s Tommy from Raw Blend. One of the best things that you’re going to love about your Vitamix blender is that you can cook a steaming hot nutritious soup in minutes, from fresh ingredients. How can the Vitamix machine cook a hot soup, you might be asking. It looks just like my normal blender. Well, the Vitamix is much more than a blender. It actually cooks using friction heat. You can imagine if I did this, 30,000 times a minute how hot my hands would get. Well, the same principles are working on the blades. That’s what’s cooking our soup, quite amazing when you think about it.

So today I’m going to show you how to make a tomato basil soup, one of my favourite recipes. So in the container here, I have two cups of water, cold water, I’m starting with. I’m going to put some tomatoes in, throw the whole tomatoes in, you don’t have to chop them up and they go. I’m going to put in a little carrot. Once again, we wash these we don’t peel them. We’re getting the good nutrition in the peel.

I’ve got some celery with the leaves. It’s most important you leave the leaves on. More nutrition in the leaves and you don’t want to waste that. In it goes, a little bit of flavour goes a long way in the Vitamix, a little bit of onion, little bits of garlic with the skin, not too much or you’ll overpower the whole soup. I’ve got some chilli here, a nice bit of flavour, even with this stalk, in it goes, some capsicum. I’m going to get some of this green part in. Once again the most nutritious part, a lot of the good nutrition lies in these parts.

The stem, the seeds, the peels, the parts we usually throw away. In it goes. I’ve got some cabbage. Cabbage is a fantastic cancer fighter, great antioxidant. Throw it in and some cashews. Now, I like to use these as an alternative to milk or cream. It’s going to thicken it up, give it a lovely texture. It looks delicious and some basil. Tomato basil soup; put some beautiful basil in there. All right and now one last thing, you don’t want to forget that vegetarian stock cube and a little bit of seasoning. A little bit of sea salt, little bit of pepper and that’s it, we’re ready to go!

Let’s lock our lid into place. I’m going to start it on high speed. I’m just going to pulse the machine. On off, on off, see the power of that two horse power. It’s just going to suck down everything into the blade. Away it goes. Now that’s all chopped up, it took me a couple of seconds. It hasn’t made it hot yet, so I’m going to get it up onto high speed for about four to five minutes and make that nice and hot for you.

Tomato and Basil Soup

All right, soup should be done. In the container here we had our cold water, raw vegetables, in five minutes; we’ve got a steaming hot soup. That was just friction heat, no heating element. Pretty amazing! Imagine being able to make a nutritious soup in the same time it takes you to go through the local drive through. Now it’s possible with your Vitamix. I just showed you how.

Now if you want a chunky style soup, I’m going to put some tomatoes in here, a bit of basil inside there, lock on your lid. Use a slow speed to just chop it through. Perfect, doesn’t get better than that.

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