How to Make Ice Cream (Raspberry Sorbet) using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to Make Ice Cream (Raspberry Sorbet) using the Vitamix – Video

Video Transcription:

Hi it’s Tommy from Raw Blend. Everybody loves ice cream. It only takes me 30 seconds to create a delicious, restaurant-quality ice cream right here in my Vitamix machine. You might of seen me on TV making an orange, chilli, chocolate ice cream. Or perhaps an apple, cabbage, and spinach ice cream. Sounds horrible, but tastes amazing.

Well today I’m going to show you one of my favourite recipes. A raspberry ice cream. Low fat, no sugar, and no chemicals. So in the container here, I have about one cup of low fat yogurt. We’re gonna put in some frozen raspberries. About two cups. In they go. What I like to do, I like to add a little bit of cabbage in there. Play a trick on the kids. Just don’t let them see you make this one. But they’re not going to taste that. I call that stealth health. Get the kids to eat it, so simple. And that’s it.

I’m going to lock my lid into place. I’m going to put it on high speed. I’m going to use my tamper for about 30 seconds. That’s it, it’s done. It’s thick and frozen inside the container. You can see that commercial-quality ice cream has taken me 30 seconds to make. Can’t wait to taste this. All right, let’s serve some of these up.

raspberry ice cream

Raspberry ice cream, delicious. And no chemicals, that’s the best part. I know what I put in here. You know what you’re putting into your body. A couple of nice big, scoops there. A little strawberries in here, a little bit garnish. Look at that. Restaurant quality ice cream in about 30 seconds. So good. Another reason why your going to love your Vitamix machine.

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