How to Grind Whole Grains using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to Grind Whole Grains using the Vitamix – Video

Video Transcription:

Hi. It’s Tommy from Raw Blend. The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead. Bread and flour that you buy at your local supermarket is packed with dangerous levels of sugars and salts. If you want to grind grain in your Vitamix machine, then you need one of these, a dry container. It comes with a different blade, a dry blade, specifically for grinding grain into flour and kneading dough.

So today I’m going to show you how easy it is to grind grain in your Vitamix. Here on the bench I have four machines. I have some corn, I have some rice, I have some coffee beans, and I have some chia seeds. I’m going to get all these machines up on to high speed for about one minute. Away we go.

All right, we’re done. How quick and easy was that? Over here, we have some lovely, fresh corn flour. Look at that, beautiful and fresh. Look how fine that is. Some nice rice flour. This is perfect for all your baked goods. Over here are some coffee, some fresh coffee. This is going to make the most amazing cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.

Look at that, beautiful, and some chia seeds. Absolutely beautiful, so good for you. High in Omega-3s. Look how fine that is, once again, absolutely perfect. What I like to do, I just sprinkle this over my morning cereal, and away I go for the day. Try some of that, right? Mmm, another reason why you’re going to love your Vitamix.

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Raw Flaxcorn Bread

Raw FlaxCorn Bread – this gluten free bread combines flaxseed and sunflower seed flour (ground in the Vitamix), and isn’t cooked or baked, rather the dough is spread onto Teflon non stick sheets and dehydrated to make a delicious snack full of nutrients.

Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies – grind almonds, dried coconut and chia seeds to fine powders in the Vitamix, then add remaining ingredients. Roll into balls, add the strawberry puree and dehydrate for a yummy treat.