What a year 2020 has been for everyone! At Raw Blend, we are so incredibly lucky and grateful, to have kept going through what was a very testing and unprecedented time. We have been re-inspired during this time to share our love of good health and quality products, so we have decided to rebrand and

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Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is always the time of year to really enjoy festive food creations. We’ve compiled a list of some delicious treats that have had a healthier spin on them. You can enjoy your food and nourish your body at the same time! What is your favourite thing to make

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COVID19… What a year these the past few months have been! To think that we were all living what seemed to be the “norm” to living in isolation and away from the daily grind. It’s all happened so quickly and what a learning curve this has all been.

We need to be supporting our immune systems more than ever at the moment. What better way to give it a good injection of Vitamins and Minerals from fresh juices and greens or whatever you have thriving in your garden at the moment! 

Dehydrating fruits and vegetables is a wonderful way to create healthy snacks for long term food storage and save any produce that may be going off! Don’t throw them away! Save your money and save your groceries!

Don’t opt for the traditional stuff. You know what we’re talking about! Try your hand at this recipe! It’s so easy to make and if you don’t have hazelnuts we’re sure any style of nut would work when subbed in. Cashews. Brazil. Just make sure you roast them! 

There’s nothing better than a huge glass of Green Juice. It’s a massive hit of vitamins + minerals and hydration. What better way to support your immune system when it needs it most with the goodness of greens greens greens and more greens! 

These are super delicious! Two of our favourite things … Mango and Basil! This is the perfect recipe to make when your mangoes are just about to turn and you need to prune back that basil plant that’s going crazy in your garden! Get out the food dehydrator and get ready for snack time!