How long will my smoothie last for in the fridge?

How long will my smoothie last

How long will my smoothie last for in the fridge? Green smoothies are the ultimate in Fast Food. They’re nutritious, easy to make and the benefits are endless however, what do we do when we have leftovers that we don’t want to waste? 

Oxidation does occur during the blending process. You may notice that air is being added to the ingredients of your smoothie which is evident as the contents of your blender’s container expand. Don’t let this alarm you. There is not enough scientific evidence of oxidation affecting a smoothie’s nutritional quality and if there is some sort of derogatory effect, it hasn’t been measured yet, or it’s really insignificant. More solid scientific research is needed.

Blending does expose fruit and vegetables to oxygen and possibly low levels of heat but smoothies quite often have far more vitamins and minerals than most cooked foods. There is also a high content of anti-oxidants in the fibre.

How long will my smoothie last for in the fridge?
Potato Oxidized [Image]. (2009).
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The photo above is a great example of how vital the role of fibre plays in oxidation. On the left is potato that has been blended and on the right is potato that has been juiced. You can see that a lot more oxidisation has occurred in the Potato Juice.

This is not to say that cooking food isn’t nutritious or healthy. Some people can’t handle raw foods so cooking or lightly steaming is the best thing for their body.

Whilst it is best to guzzle your greens as soon as you have blended them this doesn’t mean that you should count down from 3 and have a sculling contest! Take the time to enjoy your smoothie!

How long will my smoothie last for in the fridge?

Can’t finish your whole creation? Don’t worry! Here are some handy tips for smoothie storage to answer just how long will my smoothie lasts for in the fridge:

Our Eco Vessel range of Triple Insulated drink bottles are PERFECT! Eco Vessel is ahead of the pack and they are the best quality stainless steel insulated drink bottles that  you could ever own. They keep out any unwanted light and seal nice and tight and will also keep your smoothies icy cold and your soups nice and warm.

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We recommend either the Triple Insulated Bolder 500ml or the Triple Insulated Bolder 750ml both with screw caps. The bottles with the silicone straw we recommend using only with water or thin liquids like water. Smoothies and soups tend to clog the straw.

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TIP! Try adding lemons or fresh lemon juice to your smoothies. The extra Vitamin C will also help slow down / prevent the oxidation process.

At the end of the day, any smoothie is going to taste better and will be more nutritious the fresher it is! Chlorophyll (the green pigment found in leafy greens) can actually keep your smoothie alive longer, up to 48 hours. However, at Raw Blend we only recommend keeping your Green Smoothies in the fridge for up to 24 hours to ensure maximum freshness, nutrition and taste.

To ensure your smoothies are packed with maximum nutrition we recommend using a quality blender and at Raw Blend we strongly believe the best blender on the market is Vitamix.

Happy Blending!

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