Boost your immunity!
23 Mar

Boost your immunity!

It’s that time of year where Flu’s and Colds are upon us and it certainly doesn’t help that we are amidst a Corona Virus outbreak! Let this be a timely reminder to us all that we should be taking care of our immune system whether the season is right or not! It should be an all year thing. 

Our immune systems are magical things however, sometimes they can fail and illness prevails! It’s all about balance and harmony and finding out what works best for you to get the most out of your body.

Make sure you a adopt a healthy lifestyle and stick to it as much as you can so it all becomes second nature for you. We all fall off the bandwagon here and there, however if we educate and discipline ourselves living a healthy lifestyle should come easily!

Here’s some tips…

Wash your hands! 

It’s not for your immune system specifically but it’s certainly a way to keep any germs away.

Don’t smoke

Here’s tests on the effects of smoking on your immune system. It’s a no brainer really! Smoking impacts both innate and adaptive immunity so it’s a habit that you really should kick!

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Exercise Regularly 

Definitely make moving and working out second nature to you. Find an activity that you love and stick to it! Your body will definitely thank you for it. It’s a great stress reliever and the less stress the lesser the chance of falling ill!

Never over do the workout when you are ill though. Opt for something a lot lighter like stretching at home or a light walk. It’s never a good idea to go out to a public gym anyway and spread your germs or potentially catch more.

Stress Less 

I don’t care what anyone says… as soon as I am stressed and not switching off I fall ill. Find some time for yourself and practice some deep belly breathing.

Drink in moderation 

We all can overindulge however, if you’re going to drink make sure you realise what it’s doing to your body! Alcohol affects you in the following ways and these aren’t all of them!

  • Damages epithelial cells in your intestines which makes it harder for you body to absorb many nutrients.
  • Disturbs your gut microbiome which alters the balance of healthy and unhealthy bacteria.
  • Alcohol also disrupts your gut barrier, allowing more bacteria to pass into the blood.
  • Rogue bacteria causes inflammation in the liver
  • Excessive drinking can impair the immune cells in the lungs and upper respiratory system, leading to increased risk for pneumonia and similar illnesses.

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Sleep Sleep Sleep 

During sleep your immune system releases cytokines which help promote sleep and are needed when you are fighting an infection. Sleep deprivation can decrease production of these important proteins which can lead to a whole world of trouble!

Go to bed! Adults around 7-8 hours and Teens 10 hours sleep.

Seek professional help! 

Don’t google search or expect what another person is doing is going to work for you. We’re all so different and need to get to the underlying issues that our bodies can have.

I would recommend seeing a Naturopath and your GP and getting full blood work done. It could be something that you’re eating which is affecting your gut microbiome or something so small that you don’t even notice in every day life. Regular check ups and blood work can be live saving.

Up your Vitamin C and Pro-Biotic Intake 

This is a no brainer really…

Stay safe, healthy and positive! 

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