Monthly Guest Blog: Emily Mankey Soul Balance Retreats
19 Jan

Monthly Guest Blog: Emily Mankey Soul Balance Retreats

Introducing Emily from Soul Balance Retreats & Wellbeing. An Osteopath, Pilates Instructor and Business Owner – turned Health Coach, Retreat facilitator and motivational speaker.

Emily has spent the majority of the last 8 years running her 2 Osteopathic Clinics in Melbourne, but more recently made the shift to the next chapter of her career to follow her passion project, Soul Balance Retreats and Wellbeing.

Soul Balance was born when Emily needed an escape herself. Having suffered adrenal fatigue and a hormone imbalance, Emily looked for a better way to live a heart-centered life that she loved. For the first time, Emily listened to what was in her heart.

Her work now consists of running Retreats and workshops both in Melbourne and Bali, as well as staying connected with her Soul Balance Community online and through speaking and writing.

A gypsy at heart and a lover of nature, Emily’s personal mission is to help others take the first step to vibrant holistic heath, both emotionally and physically, as well as defining and living their truth and dreams.

We couldn’t think of a more beautiful soul to kick off our 2015 Monthly Guest Blog spot, enjoy …

welcome 2015

Welcome to 2015!

What does the New Year clicking over actually mean to you?

After getting caught up in the ‘silly season’, it can feel like all you want to do is nourish yourself with cleansing food, salt-water swims, bathe in some sunshine and a few early nights before the year officially starts again.

New beginnings and new goals are usually the first thing that we crave.

Resolutions can often involve a fresh clean slate, working on your fitness levels, recharging your motivation, dropping your stress levels, finding a new job that you love, cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, nourishing your body with organic food, quitting sugar, or alcohol, or finally ditching the habit of smoking… Sound familiar at all? Overwhelming perhaps?

Most of us go into the New Year with the greatest of intentions to change what we are not currently happy with in our life.  But after a few weeks of festivities, old habits creep back in slowly and we find ourselves slipping in to what feels comfortable or what comes naturally.

Before we realize it we are already allowing ourselves to retreat and telling what I like to call “stories” to ourselves – “I will just do it when I go back to work, when I just get my promotion, when I just join the gym, when I just get over my birthday…” etc.

It’s the “when I just” disease.

‘When I just’ – The destination that we never seem to arrive at.

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Let’s take a step back to the moment we set those intentions. Instead of working on what logically seems like a great goal or achievement for the New Year, let’s tune into how we want to feel in that specific area of our life.

What does your Soul crave with the beginning of this New Year? What do you want the journey to feel like on the way to your next destination? What are you going to intentionally create for yourself?

If in the past you have been pursuing your goals in a specific area of your life and it is draining you, then stop. Your goals need to be set with soul. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same result and outcome.

For things to change, firstly you need to change.

Let me use my personal desired feelings of my physical and emotional wellbeing as an example within one area of life.

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I want to feel in love with my body. I want to feel flexible, feminine, strong and balanced. I want to feel connected, loved, authentic, intuitive and grounded. I want to feel passionate, inspired and powerful.

So what are my action steps to create the intention (goal) that matches my desired feelings?

By making the connection between how you want to feel on a daily basis, you are becoming the creator of your personal power and potential – and therefore taking charge of your own emotions and personal happiness.

For example ~ I know that if I am to feel strong, balanced and flexible in my body, I need to be consistent with my personal trainer and my Yoga practice. Intention number one, tick.

To feel connected to myself and grounded on a daily basis, I need to nurture my soul by meditating every day (even for 3 minutes in the beginning) as well as write in my gratitude journal every night before bed. Intention number two, tick.

Are you getting my drift?

gratitude quote

Start with the feeling, then create the intention or the goal with what your soul is craving. It is all about feeling good along the way to your destination – that is the whole point of life, yes?

Being happy on the way and enjoying the journey doesn’t mean we can’t aim for bigger and brighter things, or set challenges for ourselves.  It just means that we enjoy who we are becoming on the journey of pursuing our goals and dreams, every single day. Nurturing and honoring our core desired feelings with basic daily habits that we are consistently working on.

Life is plastic and flexible. It is up to each of us to begin with the feeling of the end goal and dream in mind – and from there, continuously work at it, mould it, form it, feel it – every day.

As we spend more time in the present, the patterns of success and positivity start to form – as does our self-awareness to these small changes.

quote 2

So when setting our desired intentions for 2015, let’s keep these principles in mind.

  • Big changes and achievement come one small step at a time – give yourself a pat on the back each day and tune into the feeling.  Be proud of the small changes and habits that you start to form on a daily basis.
  • You have the power to mould your life, to shape it to whatever you want.  So have the clear goal in mind at all times.  Identify the desired feeling right now and manifest more of it into your life.
  • Stay present and be happy along the road of your chosen journey.  The challenging part is to take responsibility for where you are right now.  Have gratitude and appreciation of all the learning, the growth and the achievements.
  • Most importantly – Set your intentions clearly with heart, and then write them down (this is the key!) – place them somewhere you can be reminded of them every day – even write them on your bathroom mirror. Take the time to check-in with them often.

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Know that the Universe (or whatever your belief system is) will have your back, and it will sort out the details. As always, it will be conspiring in your favour when your goals, feelings and dreams are clear.

To help you along the way, I have a GIFT for you – to say welcome to your own Soul Balance journey.

The 2015 Soul Balance Intentions & Vision planner.

I would love to know how you go with it, so please reach out if you need our SBR community to hold your hand while you take your first step into personal power.

Enjoy the journey, and have a beautiful New Year.

Love & Light,

Emily x

Soul Balance Retreats and Wellbeing

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  1. Wow! What an incredible writer Emily Mankey is. She is inspirational, motivational and empowering. She has the ability to impact so many people, especially woman with her authentic words. Emily has so much wisdom and knowledge to share, I can’t wait for her next blog post.

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