Monthly Guest Blog: Sarah Bambey – The Pretend Health Freak
20 Oct

Monthly Guest Blog: Sarah Bambey – The Pretend Health Freak

Meet Sarah Bambey, a healthy eating yoga doing, lover of life and creator of pretend health freak.

In a world where everybody is preaching the healthiest way to live, young health blogger Sarah AKA Pretend Health Freak takes a more refreshing approach to diet. She creates recipes made with wholesome foods without getting too caught up in labels, fads or trends. She’s expanding her following of over 110k on Instagram and social media by calling all Pretend Health Freaks to come forward and join her social media tribe.

So, what is a pretend health freak?

Basically a pretend health freak is someone who will try their best to be healthy but still enjoy a treat from time to time. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and if there’s one thing we have in common, it’s our love for food!

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Are you a pretend health freak?

A quick way to determine if you’re a true pretend health freak is to see if you can relate to any of these:

  • You claim to eat healthy but always find time in a day for dessert
  • You always think about food and when your next chance to eat will be
  • You plan your day around meals
  • You feel comforted and happy from food… more than you should
  • You workout so you can eat more
  • You can justify eating junk foods every now and then

If you related to a few or more of these, then you are a true pretend health freak! What’s next? Join in the fun on my Instagram, other social media outlets and my blog. I have also just  released a free eBook for all pretend health freaks to enjoy. So now you, your family, and your friends can feel a little less guilty about eating sweet treats.

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Free Recipe eBook

My clean eating eBook, ‘Sweet Treats for the Pretend Health Freaks’ is free to the public as I want to spread the word about healthy, balanced eating and attract like-minded people to join my tribe. With a love for creating, consideration of common intolerances, and passion for real food, I designed 15 recipes suitable for almost anyone. People who try my recipes will often admit that they don’t taste ‘healthy’. But you can be sure there are no processed foods, nasty additives, or refined sugars.

So, what you can expect from “Sweet Treats for the Pretend Health Freaks”

  • 15 recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy Free
  • Naturally sweet
  • Vegan
  • Easy to make
  • Same ingredients used throughout
  • 5-11 ingredients per recipe
  • Funny quotes and photos of Sarah

bounty slice

Bounty Chocolate Healthy Slice

Makes: 16
Serves: 6-8


  • regular sized square cake tin
  • Vitamix or food processor
  • bowl
  • fork
  • spatula

Ingredients: Base 

  • 2/3 C almond meal 1/3 C coconut flour
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 Tbsp rice malt syrup 1 Tbsp cacao powder 1 Tbsp coconut milk

Ingredients: Coconut Layer 

  • 3 C shredded coconut 3 Tbsp coconut milk
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 Tbsp rice malt syrup

Ingredients: Topping 

  • 3 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 Tbsp rice malt syrup 1 Tbsp cacao powder 1/2 Tbsp nut butter


  1. Line medium sized square cake tin with baking paper. Combine Base ingredients and press into cake tin. Refrigerate.
  2. Process coconut layer ingredients until relatively smooth. Pour over base. Freeze.
  3. Combine topping ingredients with fork until smooth.- Pour over coconut layer and refrigerate or freeze. Cut and store in a sealed container.

You can download Sarah’s free recipe eBook by clicking here and heading to her website for further details.

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  1. I’ve followed Sarah for a long time and I love this free ebook. Her desserts were so yummy..
    I don’t mean to sound harsh but it’s just that I’ve noticed you’ve posted this last month, but do you know Sarah has sadly passed away a couple of years ago.? Just wanted to make sure.. 💔

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