It’s Autumn time here in Australia so it’s time to look at the wonderful fruit that is in season and ready to be devoured! What beautiful creation of mother nature have I chosen? Well… pucker up and purse those lips for the ever so perfect PERSIMMON!

 Sleep. It’s one of the most important things that our body needs to function. Why? When most of us think of sleep we believe it’s a time where our body shuts down and our minds are at rest. This is certainly not the case! Sleep is quite an active period where a lot of processing, restoration and strengthening

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Prepare yourself for a flavour sensation! These pretty looking bliss balls certainly pack a decadent punch. They are perfect to whip up and store for when you are craving something sweet and are super simple to make last minute for those uninvited guests.

Upon my recent trip to the United States there were two words on everyone’s culinary minds… Ranch Dressing. I remember trying it years ago when I was working on a cruise ship however, didn’t really notice what all the fuss was about.

I had to do it. If the name “Salted Caramel Cheesecake” doesn’t tempt you enough the images of it on The Merrymaker Sisters website surely will! These ladies are super talented and certainly have some of the best taste buds around!

If you’re not into the taste of raw zucchini noodles, beetroot ones will certainly convert you to the veggie noodle trend. They also look amazing! I love the colour purple.

It’s time to inject a little bit of romance into your diet. What better way than CHOCOLATE! This is a super decadent and rich recipe that is sure to please anyone! Single or taken. So pucker up!

This is a very common question here in the Raw Blend office so I thought why not blog all about Food Dehydrating? It’s becoming more and more popular in the mainstream health market so it’s best to clear up some common misconceptions.

A simple recipe that’s tasty and a healthy alternative to when you are craving something sweet! Whip them up last minute when you have unexpected guests or  to have as something in your fridge when you really need to hit that sweet craving.

It’s no secret here in the office that I love all things chocolate. However, nothing is worse than shoving your face with all the processed junk that’s out there! That’s where my “Chocolate Ice Cream” comes in. It’s made with CAROB and I have experimented with my own powdered milk substitute!