There’s chocolate. There are hot cross buns… and then there’s Choc Cross Buns! However, the RAW and healthier option! Introducing the Choc cRAWs Bun! It’s full of real ingredients and it’s certainly a healthier option to the conventional hot cross bun out there that are sometimes filled with chemicals and nasties.

For a lot of people when you first think of a Raw Food diet you immediately think of all the foods that have a big red mark next to them that you are not able to consume. Sometimes adjusting to this can be quite daunting but the benefits can far outweigh the sacrifice in the

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Hey guys! Today i am going to share with you a beautiful raw beetroot dip.¬†Beetroot is great for boosting your stamina and improving your digestion helping your body’s detoxification process. It is one of my favourite new recipes and i think you are going to love it.