The Gratitude Transformation:  Recreating Your Pinterest Life
27 Apr

The Gratitude Transformation: Recreating Your Pinterest Life

Life is good on paper.

Good job, roof over my head, friends, food, a car to get me from A to B. 

I want to be living my ‘Pinterest life’. I’m saving to invest in my dream home, with the big backyard, pool and gorgeous furniture. Looking towards upgrading to a better car. My wardrobe, it’s nice, although I never have anything to wear. I’m not the Victoria’s Secret model I want to be but I’m far from morbidly obese. I love my family and friends..

So why do I always feel a longing for something more? 

Why aren’t I excited for life when I wake up in the morning?  

It’s incredible how many people are aching for more. I see it everywhere, all ages and all demographics. People who seemingly have their lives together constantly feeling like something is missing.

These people know they are lucky to be alive. In their head they think that they shouldn’t complain and they misdiagnose this craving for more goodness in their life by striving for more things. They equate things with happiness. Success, money, power and possessions. They shop, work towards that raise, punish themselves at the gym and still feel the need for something more.

The missing link is striving for what this life would feel like, how it would look from the inside and how their relationships would be once they arrive. It’s rare these days to look to the future with simply thoughts of a full heart and good health, lots of energy and calming down time.

You may not be ungrateful for what you have now, but you probably feel like you want more from life. You want that holiday feeling every morning that you wake up. More goodness. More inner fulfillment. More love.  But you’re not sure how to find it, how to fill that gap.

But I know how to fill it. 

With gratitude. Meaningful connections with people whose hearts beat with yours. Forgiveness, because a grudge negatively effects you, not the person who did you wrong. A positive relationship with the thoughts in your head. Acceptance of your circumstances and the ability to use your past to positively affect your future. Extreme love and care for others, but most importantly yourself.

Do you feel it? Are you filling that emptiness with food, alcohol, drugs, clothes or work? Do you want to fill it with something that will make everyday feel like the best day of your life?

I have a solution for you.

ange profile

I’m Angela Simson, founder of The Gratitude Project. On the 28 April enrolment will open for The Gratitude Transformation: a 6-week course of inner work to create holiday happiness in your everyday life. This structured program has been created to expose the goodness within and make every single day worth living to the fullest.

The course begins 12 May which means you have 2 weeks to commit to this happiness enhancing program. If you enrol, you will not only receive access to this life changing course, but also as a special bonus you’ll be added to a private Gratitude Facebook Group where you will receive support from myself and your peers. Plus weekly Gratitude Group Hangs on the page to discuss your process and any speed bumps along the way.

Not only is this program full of goodness and love, it’s guaranteed. If you do the inner work and feel no benefit by the half way mark, you will receive 100% of your money back. So there is no risk of loosing out in anyway.

If you’re looking forward to waking up with purpose and excitement everyday, you can read more here.

What have you got to loose?

Love & luck



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