What’s The Best Water Filter to Remove Fluoride?
01 Apr

What’s The Best Water Filter to Remove Fluoride?

We often get asked the question about why fluoride removal is so important and what is the best way to filter this out of our drinking water. Fluoride was first introduced to Australian drinking water in 1953 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania and today around 90% of Australians drink fluoridated water.

What is water fluoride?

Now fluoride, in itself, is a natural mineral found in your bones and teeth already. It can be found organically in water, soil and plants as well. 

Water Fluoridation began in the USA in the 1930s when scientists found that people living in towns with higher levels of fluoride in drinking water experienced lower levels of tooth decay than those with fluoride-free water.

“Is fluoride bad for you?” is an ongoing debate and depending on who you ask, you will get  different answers. However, unquestionably fluoride and other contaminants are toxic at certain concentrations.

Why is fluoride removal important?

Many health professionals believe that artificial sodium fluoride being added to our drinking water is one of the most health debilitating toxins known to mankind – far from the natural trace element found in an apple or other plants. Artificial sodium fluoride is believed to be an industrial waste product containing arsenic, mercury, barium, fluoride, radium, lead and more.

Along with being toxic for humans, fluoride in our drinking water is also said to be a danger to animals and wildlife and also potentially harmful to the environment in large concentrations.

While the fluoride debate continues here are some facts (courtesy of fluoridealert.org):

  • Fluoride is by no means a nutrient
  • 49 studies have linked Fluoride to low IQ in children
  • 97% of Western Europe has rejected water fluoridation
  • Many children now exceed the recommended daily fluoride intake from toothpaste alone

What's The Best Water Filter to Remove Fluoride?

How does a reverse osmosis system work?

A reverse osmosis system is used in a variety of water filters to help remove fluoride from tap water or other water sources. Reverse osmosis systems works by using a high-pressure pump to increase the pressure of the unclean water and force the water across a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane, which leaves fluoride and other nasty toxins and salts in the reject side of the filter.

The water filters that remove fluoride are the safest to ensure you have clean drinking water. These water filtration systems are quite small in size and can be used in all kinds of appliances such as a sink water filter system or even used as a shower head filter, of they can be condensed into a countertop filtration system and still be just as effective if using the right brand.


What’s The Best Fluoride Water Filter to Remove Fluoride?

There are lots of different fluoride water filters available in the market. However, finding filters that remove fluoride effectively can be more challenging.

Sink Fluoride Water Filters

In an ideal system, having a sink fluoride water filter is the best solution as all of the water in your house will be filtered. Having a house fluoride filter means that it automatically removes fluoride from all of your taps it’s attached to. We always recommend the Waters Co Filters as they are the only water filters that can remove 99.99% of fluoride. These filters can turn ordinary tap water into great tasting, alkalised, energised, magnetised and ionised mineral water. Fluoride reduction can reduce any unwanted odours as well from your water which is definitely a perk when using a sink fluoride filter. When your filter becomes less powerful you can also purchase replacement filters.

Bench Top Fluoride Water Filters

For some, a portable fluoride water filter is important so they can remove any toxins wherever. Waters Co has a range of bench top systems in a 5L and 10L size which offers 9-14 stages of sterilising, filtration and activation to turn ordinary water into great tasting, clean and toxin-free. With powerful long-last filtration system, these sturdy countertop filter systems have stood the test of time and have some of the best fluoride water filter reviews available.

Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher & Other Portal Fluoride Water Filters

Fluoride water filter pitchers can be very helpful to clean water from your taps. It also ensures that your family has safe drinking water.

There are plenty of water filter pitchers available on the market, however, ones that have a reverse osmosis system within them that can prove they have clearly filtered fluoride out of the water isn’t always easy. Waters Co has a super 1.5L fluoride water filter pitcher which contains a reverse osmosis system which is consistently removing fluoride from your drinking water. Waters Co also has a mini water filter which you can take with you on the go so that you are always drinking clean filtered water.

Raw Blend Only Stocks The Best Fluoride Water Filters

Waters Co water filtration system is our most trusted product with the most effective reverse osmosis system. They have been manufactured in South Korea since 1977 and consistently innovate their fluoride water filter system to keep improving their product. For example, Waters Co was the first brand to release a gravity filter in their countertop gravity filters range of products.

No other company has won as many awards for quality or as many high-level endorsements and associations. They are water filters that remove all of the nasty bits from your local city water and instead provide the best quality filtered water.


The Best Fluoride Water Filter For Your Family

With such a massive amount of different types of fluoride water filters available on the market, it can feel challenging to choose the one that is going to protect your family the most.

So, it’s vitally important that you choose a fluoride filtration system that has been tried and tested, and has the best fluoride water filter reviews. There are other types of water filtration systems available, so it’s important to make sure you choose one with a reverse osmosis filter for the best results.

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17 Reviews for “What’s The Best Water Filter to Remove Fluoride?”

  1. Hi Tommy ,
    Do you know if these water filters have actually been independently tested for what it claims to do, I’ve been trying to find one that removes heavy metals, flouride etc, the best one I could fund was berkey but it’s quite expensive, the bio mineral pot is more in my budget but it worries me that the jug is plastic as even PBA free are apparently bad for our health as we’ll.

    Thanks Janine

    1. Hi Janine,

      Yes they are independently tested, the Bio Mineral Pot jug is made of Perspex which is as close to glass as you can get (bpa free, dioxin free, non leeching etc) because the water is also slightly alkaline it can’t eat into the plastic/perspex & break it down either.

      The Bio Mineral Pot is the best on the market for what it does within this price range. Otherwise Watersco bench top filters have glass reservoirs. The Berkley system may do fluoride but it does not create a wellness water like Watersco systems do, Berkley is designed to take the bad stuff out but not add any of the good stuff back in.

      Thanks Tommy.

    1. Hi Leigh! Waters Co do not use activated alumina in their products to remove flouride. Their filter material is derived from nature such as silica sands, coral, charcoal and resins. They remove up to 99% of heavy metals and chemicals, cysts, bacteria etc. The only things they add back to the water is minerals the body needs.

      I have attached a link for further reading https://www.waterscoaustralia.com.au/water-filter-technology/filter-technology/mineral-pot-water-filter

  2. Truly helpful tips about the Water Filters in Perth. I have learned a lot from this blog. Many would find it useful especially for residential families. Thanks for this post!

  3. Why are there to prices for the ace bio jug? $149…some of the filters last only 3 weeks?
    The one for $169 they all last two years?

    1. Hi Monika, sorry for the late reply. The jug costs $169 and the replacement filters cost $149. When you purchase a jug or replacement filter you get enough filters to last you 2 years. The filter that needs to be replaced every 2-3 weeks is a small pre-filter membrane, similar to a makeup removal pad.

  4. Are they really independently verified? I can’t find any results published anywhere, and emails to Watersco remain unanswered

    1. Hi Jake, thanks for your message. We have been informed by Waters Co Australia that they are of course independently tested. I know we have been emailed some reports previously from WatersCo re fluoride removal but I’m sorry I can’t find a copy in our emails. You would need to follow up with Waters Co. I have personally used all the Waters Co products and can confidentially say it is the best quality water I’ve ever tasted, so clear and light. I have the 10 bench top unit at home and we have a 5L in the office here. Any questions please let me know.

          1. Would you kindly email me a copy also. Would really appreciate it
            Ps your website is great just quietly.

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