Healthy Travels!
27 Jan

Healthy Travels!

Well, as some may already know, I am off to the United States in February and I cannot wait! I’m re-visiting New York City then off to New Orleans to catch Mardis Gras and all its creative glory and then off to watch my circus friends in Vegas.

To say that I am excited is quite simply a massive understatement.

When travelling, as much as it’s amazing to get caught up in the excitement of it all what good is it all when you get sick? Travelling healthy is super important just like a well packed suitcase!

There are the obvious things to think about when travelling. Packing your own personal medication, vaccines and travel insurance however, when it comes to food and drink you shouldn’t fall off the bandwagon and opt for the quick and pre-packaged junk on offer. Not to mention the super sized servings that are offered in the States.


1. Stay Hydrated!

This is the most important tip for me. The air inside the cabin of a plane usually has a humidity level of 10 to 20% — much lower than a comfortable typical indoor humidity of 30 to 65%. (or 90% humidity which Brisbane has been offering at the moment…) For this reason, it’s very important to take measures to keep yourself hydrated while you’re on a plane. Drink a litre of water as you are getting ready to leave in the morning and make sure you constantly drink whilst you’re on the plane.

Wonder why you always catch an illness after flying? This is also due to low-humidity levels. Humidity in the air keeps your airways moist so the lining can helps trap germs trying to enter your body. When you’re breathing in too much dry air, the mucous in your airway can’t do its job therefore viruses or bacteria can enter more freely.


So please keep your water levels up!

You may also need to bring some eye drops and keep your skin moisturized. Remember that liquids need to be less than 100mls.

2. Stay Warm

I know it might be hard to think of this especially when coming from a warm climate however it is imperative that you keep you neck and feet warm whilst you’re on the plane! It’s hard to believe that a humble scarf can ward off a common cold but it’s true. Unlike Western Medicine the Chinese believe that “evil qi” or external infections enter the body via vulnerable acupuncture points located on the back of the body and around the neck. So keep it warm!

3. Eat nourishing food.

Plane food is super last resort for me. If the smell of It doesn’t turn you off then the taste and knowing what is in it will. The truth is YOU CAN PACK YOUR OWN SNACKS! Plus, it’s not like you’re running a marathon so you don’t really need to carb load whilst you’re sitting down for a long time. Eat a large meal before you go and fast until you arrive at your destination. If you can’t do that then take your own nourishing food. Cut up veggie sticks with some homemade dips like our Blissful Beetroot DipAvocado, Olive and Lime dip and our Almond and Chia Butter.

Blissful Beetroot Dip

Almond and Chia Butter

Avocado, Olive and Lime dip

If you’re feeling like something sweet why not opt for a delicious protein bite or some bliss balls. Try making our delicious Super Protein Slice or our delicious Cacao Bliss Balls.

Cacao Bliss Balls

Super Protein Slice

Try and take a SuperFood greens powder as well. These are super handy to supercharge your water when you are on the go.

Pack your own lunchbox! You’ll feel much better for nourishing your body and not stuffing it with items posing as food.

4. Invest in some good headphones.

Being a musician, when I listen to music or watch movies I am all for good sound! The tinny headphones they provide on the plane don’t do any amazing band justice and as for blocking out sound? They’re horrible. I am lucky enough to own a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones and all I can say is that they are well worth the splurge.

Cutting out all excess noise will ensure a stress free flight and a good sleep. If you have any preferred meditation music or just music in general it’s always good having noise cancelling headphones so you can hear ONLY the music and all it’s wonder.

5. Take essential oils

Throw our your toxic perfumes and sprays and use oils instead. This is particularly important in a confined space. It will not only benefit yourself but also those around you who may be sensitive to strong, alcoholic smelling perfumes. When I was in hospital I always had lavender oil with me to calm me down and help me sleep. I add a few drops to a tissue and put it in my top pocket or you can even add a few drops to your skin. Try using peppermint oil when you are needing a pick up.


6. Use an Eye Mask

This is so important to ensure a deep and peaceful sleep. Block out the unnatural and natural light and any distractions it may cause. Make sure you bring your own! The ones supplied are made by nasty materials and don’t breath properly.

7. Move

After all that amazing sleep and nourishing food make sure you get up and move around. Go for a stroll between the aisles and stretch out and get the blood flowing. You can also do some stretches whilst your sitting down and concentrate on your breathing.

8. No Alcohol

Avoid alcohol! This is important when flying so make sure you stock up on water and take your own herbal tea bags in a zip lock bag.

prohibition alcohol1

9. Relax

Use this as time to yourself and enjoy your own company and down time. Use it to read, write or try and meditate.

What are your tips on healthy travel?

We would love to hear them so feel free to share this article with your friends and family and comment below!

Bon Voyage!

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