Stuffing … well let’s be honest, it is seriously one of my favourite parts about the holiday table spread but, seeing as I don’t eat meat or gluten I had a mission which I chose to accept … to create a delicious, “traditional with a twist” tasting stuffing that was completely gluten-free and vegan that EVERYONE

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Vegan Santa Hats! Please note… Santa was not harmed in any way for the making of these hats. He was purely used for inspiration. This recipe was SUPER QUICK to do… all I did was make up the parts of our Vegan Lemon Tart and changed how I assembled it. Simples!

A delicious sweet treat to dip some fresh fruit into! Nice and creamy and something a little different, quick and easy when you have those last minute guests over who are wanting a sweet fix that’s packed with nutrients! So easy in the Vitamix Blender. 

We get this question all the time. Juicing vs. Blending which is better for your health? The answer is that juicing and blending both have their benefits and you shouldn’t ignore either when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. So, what is the difference between Juicing and Blending? 

There are so many Vitamix models here now in Australia so we thought we would clear up a few questions that a lot of you have to make purchasing your next Vitamix a breeze. A breeze to purchase and a breeze to use! What more can you ask for in the kitchen? 

These are delicious! Plain and simple! We recently had a request for a bliss ball / truffle that didn’t have a mound of dates in it so Claire has created this recipe which calls for a little maple syrup or rice malt syrup and coconut sugar. Enjoy! 

Hi Raw Blenders! Since creating this recipe I have been making these delicious Fig and Choc Orange Bliss Balls weekly. They are absolutely amazing and my favourite new recipe, you must try them. If making in the new Vitamix Ascent series you will need to increase the recipe quantities slightly.

How to make Almond Milk in a Juicer? We’ve tried it in a good quality blender like the Vitamix so now’s the time to showcase just how good the Greenstar Elite Juicer is when it comes to Nut Milks. Not a fan of Almonds? Try Macadamia nuts, walnuts or cashews. Whatever suits your dietary needs.