How long will my juice last for in the fridge?
02 Feb

How long will my juice last for in the fridge?

How long will my juice last for in the fridge? Juicing offers such an array of health benefits with the main one being its efficient way to absorb immune boosting nutrients naturally found in fruits and veggies into your body.

The body is able to gain access to digestive enzymes that are typically locked away in the fibre of whole fruits and vegetables. I’ll put a huge emphasis on FRESH JUICE! Most of the commercial juices are processed with additives and lack nutrition. Always opt for a FRESH JUICE if you are wanting a good boost of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients.

In a perfect world we recommend drinking your juice straight away but if you can’t enjoy your juice straight away there are a few tips to ensure it stays fresher for longer.

How long will my juice last for in the fridge? This really depends on a few factors and the type of juicer you are using. Let’s have a closer look!

The Heat Factor 

After researching it’s pretty safe to say that heat generated in juicing doesn’t play a large part in the degradation on your juice. It may destroy some enzymes but not enough to get your panties in a twist.


I go on a little about this in my HOW LONG WILL MY SMOOTHIE LAST FOR IN THE FRIDGE and it’s a very interesting topic.

Oxidation does occur during juicing as it breaks the cell wall and exposes your fruit and vegetables to air. There is no way to juice without oxidization from happening. It even happens when you just simply chop up a piece of fruit.

Centrifugal juicers are known to oxidize your creations a lot quicker due to their High Speed Spinning blades.

The longer your juice sits around the more oxidization will occur. That’s why it’s important to drink your creation straight away!

How Do You Slow The Oxidization Process? 

Keep some fibre in your juice!
The more fibre in your juice the longer it lasts in the fridge. Fibre helps slow down the oxidization process. This is why I go on about oxidization in my HOW LONG WILL MY SMOOTHIE LAST FOR IN THE FRIDGE post.

Add some citrus!
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is found in many citrus fruits and acts as a great natural preservative. So the next time you are making a juice sneak in some lemon, lime or orange. Yummo!

Use an airtight container.
Make sure you fill it right up to the brim to minimize the air inside.

How Long Will My Juice Last For In The Fridge?

If you are using a Centrifugal Juicer your juice will last up to 24 hours (1 Day). If you are using a Masticating Juicer your juice will last up to 48 hours (2 Days). If you are using a Twin Gear Juicer such as the Greenstar Elite your juice may last up to 4-5 days. In twin gear juicers the entire extraction process protects against oxidation, which means that you get fresh juice that stays fresh longer.

Always make sure you store your juice in the fridge. The colder the better! If you don’t refrigerate your juice, you encourage bacteria to grow which can make you very sick. Remember keep it COLD COLD COLD!

Here are some cool ideas to store your juice to ensure you retain maximum nutrition. As I mentioned earlier though, it’s always better to drink your juice immediately to enjoy optimal nutrition and taste.

EcoVessel Triple Insulated Bottles

EcoVessel’s TriMax Triple Insulation technology keeps cold for up to 150 hours. The perfect insulated drink bottle to keep your juice insulated, fresh and ICY COLD!

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How long will my juice last for in the fridge?

Happy Juicing! 

17 Reviews for “How long will my juice last for in the fridge?”

  1. I have a question
    and on the topic after I juice how long with it stay fresh and without losing its nutrition. im always on the go and like to juice a day or two in advance

    1. Hi Ronald, sorry for the late reply. Juice is always best when consumed fresh however, as juicing can be time consuming to make I too like to make enough to me last 3-4 days. I use the Greenstar Elite Juicer which features revolutionary advanced jumbo twin gears with bioceramic and magnetic technology which will keep the juice alive for up to 5 days with minimal nutrient degradation. Happy Juicing!

  2. Great article l

    In it, you say that most juices should be consumed fast. However, you say if a Greenstar Elite juicer, the juice may be good for 4-5 days days. I played a presentation about the juicer by its manufacturer. They state that juices should be consumed within 72 hours. No reference to 4-5 days at all.

    Can you clarify? I’m confused.

    1. Hi Larry! 72 hours would be the ideal time mainly due to the nutritional loss etc. Storing it correctly (airtight container, stainless steel away from light in the fridge) you can still drink it. We found the taste is slightly different however, the nutritional content wouldn’t be as much as when you first juice it. Hope this helps!

  3. From what am getting, juices should be filled to the brim when storing them in the fridge, while smoothies should not be filled up when freezing them…right? can juices be frozen as well?

    1. Both should be filled to the brim so oxygen can get in and react with the juice or smoothie. You can definitely freeze juice 🙂

  4. How about blending? I know it is not the same, but it keeps fiber, would that be an option for storing a couple of days?

  5. Hi I have a Hamilton Beach juicer and juiced apples and carrots 3 days ago is my juice spoiled? Thanks for your reply

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