How to Make an Avocado Olive & Lime Dip using the Vitamix – Video
17 Dec

How to Make an Avocado Olive & Lime Dip using the Vitamix – Video

How to Make an Avocado, Olive & Lime Dip using a Vitamix Blender

Video Transcription:

Hey guys. It’s Tommy here at Raw Blend. Today I’m going to make a brand new recipe. I only came up with this last night. It’s a avocado, olive, and lime dip. It’s absolutely delicious. This is my new favourite dip for sure. It’s so, so tasty. It’s really simple, so let’s show you how we do it. I’m going to put in two small avocados.

If you’ve got one large avocado that will probably be enough. I’m just going to squeeze that in there. Avocado is full of good fats, and is actually an anti inflammatory as well, so they’re really, really good for you. Two full avocados and I’ll put some olives in there as well. I’m using some Sicilian pitted olives here. They’re my favourite olive. They’re really, really tasty.

About 350 grams, and I’ve got rid of the liquid in there as well. You don’t want to put that in there. I’m going to put in some garlic, a nice clove of garlic without the skin. I’m going to put in half a cup of macadamia nuts, sorry a third of a cup of macadamia nuts. If you put more in it doesn’t matter.

Add two whole limes as well, just the juice from the limes. Squeeze that in. Try to get as much of that out of there as possible. A bit of a Jamie Oliver tip, we’ve all seen that before. Roll your limes around to really get the juices flowing in there. It makes it a lot easier to squeeze it out. There we go. You want to get as much of that out as possible. It’s a nice flavor in there. Oops, slippery little sucker, squeeze that there. There we go.

A little bit of chili. I love chili in there for a little bit of flavour. We’re going to put in two tablespoons of olive oil; that’s extra virgin olive oil there. You can use hemp oil if you like. It’s up to you. Add some Himalayan rock salt a crack of that, and a good crack of pepper as well. There we go. We want to get a good bit of pepper in there as well. That looks good. Alright, I think we’re ready to go. That looks pretty good.

Avocado, olives, the lime, all those lovely flavours are in the Vitamix. We’re going to lock our lid into place. I’m going to get that up to about speed seven or eight, and I’m just going to let it run for maybe about 30 seconds. We’ll just see how we go until it’s a nice, smooth consistency. Away we go. I use my tamper as well. Beautiful. Smell those lovely green olives. It tastes so good. Look at that there. I’m just going to use my finger here to taste that. Awesome. You’re really going to love this recipe. You’ve got to try it. I basically ate the whole thing last night. It was that delicious. Happy blending, guys.

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