New Vitamix models don’t get launched very often so the NEW Vitamix Ascent Series launch in Australia is a really BIG deal. The Vitamix Ascent is a complete new series of Vitamix Blenders that will supercede and eventually replace all existing Vitamix models for sale in Australia.

What is the best Juicer? It’s a huge call and there are a lot of different factors to take on board but we can safely say the Green Star Elite Juicer by Tribest is leaps and bounds above the rest. Not only does the Greenstar Elite Juicer function very easily, it looks great on your

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Meet Buffy Ellen. The founder of Be Good Organics – a food blog that specialises in healthy plant-based recipes and nutrition. After being diagnosed with Graves disease in 2012, Buffy made a full recovery with the help of a plant-based diet and lifestyle. She is now completing her final year of a Bachelor of Naturopathy

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Vegan Snickers Slice! Because you’re not yourself when you’re hungry. These are super yummy to snack on to ensure no tricks and all treats for this Halloween. Feel free to sub out the Tahini for a nut butter of choice. 

Vegan Witches Fingers Recipe. This is an absolute MUST for Halloween. They look scary and taste great! I have made a few different versions and none of them contain artificial colours. Scarily good! 

Look out Raw Blenders! My beautiful little boy has arrived and I’m thrilled to introduce Thomas Edward Nicholas (nickname Teddy) was born at 7:10pm 24/10/17 weighing 3.15kgs.

The perfect Pre-Workout Smoothie. The perfect way to kick start your morning so don’t bother hitting the snooze button! There is nothing better than starting your day after a good night’s sleep with a powerful workout! Although, it doesn’t have to be a hardcore workout every morning. Listen to your body.

Spring clean your indsides.  Ahhh Spring … the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, flowers are in bloom and the skies seem bluer than they have ever been before. Every year without fail it feels like spring has come just in time when I’ve needed it most. It lifts my mood, my spirit & my

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Scott Mathias is the creator of Living Beautiful Pty Ltd, and author of a range of plant-based recipe books. He writes articles and blogs about digestive health and plant protein solutions for a number of high profile health and food magazines.

Simple Green Smoothie Recipe. It’s exactly that. Simple! I had a bunch of ingredients in the fridge from when I arrived from overseas that I didn’t want to go to waste and the combination was perfect! So good after travelling and eating rubbish food.