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Having a snack attack? Don’t worry we’ve got your back …

We have put together a list of our favourite go-to snacks to help you fight the fuzzies and satisfy those cravings and that howling hunger. Say goodbye to those pretty prepackaged “junk” snacks. They are full of refined sugar sending your blood glucose levels sky rocketing so you’re disco dancing on your desk followed closely by a crash that leaves your energy levels at an all-time low and you feeling more tired than before. No thanks! Put down the doughnut and walk away …

Snack smart …

These snacks are delicious, nutritious and will help keep you kicking goals throughout the day.

Roasted pepper hummus

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Veggie Sticks

Hummus – savoury snacking goodness that is rich in protein and high in fibre thanks to those magical little chickpeas. It will help fight those hunger hits and balance your blood sugar levels which will prevent you from further snacking. It will also provide you with sustained energy throughout the day so you don’t experience a snack induced slum. This recipe also includes capsicum and chili. Capsicum is a great anti-inflammatory and helps to stimulate the digestive system and chili is a great metabolism booster. More please!

Almond & Chia Butter

Almond & Chia Butter Apple Bites

This snack packs a protein punch! Almond Butter contains healthy fats, fibre & protein helping to improve blood cholesterol levels and provide you with energy. Fibre will keep you fuller for longer and help regulate your digestive system and protein is one of those important substances that our bodies need to maintain functionality as well as rebuild and regenerate.


Nut Free Protein Bites

These tasty treats are perfect for those who suffer from nut allergies. Protein bites are great for sustained energy, they will help keep you feeling fuller for longer which will stop you from over snacking. They are also great to carry with you when you are on-the-go! This recipe also uses carob which can help improve digestion and is caffeine free which means they are great for the kiddies lunchboxes without getting them all jacked up.


Flax Crackers

Our Flax Crackers are a perfect crispy, savoury snack. Rich in Omega-3 and high in fibre this combination makes them the go-to snack for those who are looking to maintain their weight keeping you feeling fuller for longer and keeping your digestive system clean. These snacks are also low in carbohydrates which is great when trying to reduce your intake of sugary and starchy foods.


They key to succeeding with your snack attacks is preparation! Set yourself up for success by making these delicious recipes and keeping them on hand for those emergency hungry monster meltdowns.

Remember nobody likes a cookie monster …

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I love this site, in the last month I have turned a corner and I’ve started to eat healthy. I was running out of ideas, of what to prepare myself and snack on. There is so much to choose from and so user friendly. This is going to be so useful. You have inspired me even more. Thanks Joh

    1. Hi Joh,

      Thank you so much!
      We are so glad you enjoyed this post:)
      We love spreading the word about health & wellness and inspiring others to make healthy choices everyday.
      Wishing you all the best & happy blending!

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