Cake. Possibly one of my favourite things. They’re amazing to look at when someone nails the decoration and they taste incredible when you nail a certain recipe. I just enjoy sweets!

No need for the processed, frozen apple dessert pie with all the nasty additives. Next time you feel like a decadent hit for dessert blend up this super yummy recipe to share with your friends. It’s seriously good…

Prepare yourself for a flavour sensation! These pretty looking bliss balls certainly pack a decadent punch. They are perfect to whip up and store for when you are craving something sweet and are super simple to make last minute for those uninvited guests.

Today’s video blog is a Kale & Banana Ice-cream recipe.  You are going to love this recipe, trust me – it’s delicious! Don’t be afraid of the kale, the recipe uses dates and raw organic honey to give it a lovely sweet flavour.

Our October Featured Friend is a fit Mum of four, entrepreneur, fitness, food and style blogger, healthy lifestyle ambassador and motivator, meet the amazing Dani Stevens. In 2012 Dani started writing a blog, Fitness Food & Style, to share her journey (she shed 30kg after having her 4 kids) and motivate and inspire others.

Ahhh Chia seeds … derived from the desert plant Salvia hispanica these little babes are one of the world’s oldest sources of nutrition. They are chockas with omega-3, fibre and protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids and are perfect for vegetarians and vegans! As if this wasn’t impressive enough Chia seeds are considered a

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Did you know that bananas are botanically known as a berry … yep a bloomin’ berry! If you didn’t know that then maybe you are unaware of the amazing benefits that bananas boast for your body and your brain.

With the long weekend ahead and the summer season fast approaching you can make a sure bet that the invitations will start rolling in for summer soirres. Whether it be kids’ parties, Christmas parties or a relaxing weekend BBQ, we all know that this means a season of food and beverage overload.