8 Recipes To Make In The Vitamix That AREN’T Smoothies
22 Oct

8 Recipes To Make In The Vitamix That AREN’T Smoothies

Smoothies are probably the easiest thing you can make. Or milkshakes… BUT! We want you to get a little more adventurous when it comes to your Vitamix blender. It’s a huge investment for yourself and your family so why not make the most of it? 

The beauty with these recipes is that they can all be made in the Vitamix. Just make sure you adjust quantities depending on which container you are using.

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Bliss Balls 

Nutritious and the perfect snack or treat for the family! Check out this Choc Mint Bliss Balls Recipe on our website.

Cake Batters 

This Choc Beet Cake is definitely a showstopper! Give it a whirl!

Pancake Batters 

Pancakes. Everyone loves Pancakes! Try this Vegan Pancake mix.


We absolutely love this Vegan Chocolate Pudding. You’ll never guess what the secret ingredient is…


Try this Green Chilli and Coriander Dip. 


Make this delicious Super Tomato Soup for a little culinary hug.

Ice Cream 

Definitely get your chocolate hit with this Co-Woah Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe. 

Nut Milks

Something a little different to regular Almond Milk. Try this Green Almond Milk Recipe. 

Nut Butters 

Definitely mix up the traditional Nut Butter recipe with this Coconut Cashew Mix!


Inject some colour onto your table with this Marble Maqui Berry “Cheese” Cake 

Happy Blending! 

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