There’s chocolate. There are hot cross buns… and then there’s Choc Cross Buns! However, the RAW and healthier option! Introducing the Choc cRAWs Bun! It’s full of real ingredients and it’s certainly a healthier option to the conventional hot cross bun out there that are sometimes filled with chemicals and nasties.

This was a super easy recipe and a great pudding idea to use as a base. You could use any fruit that you have handy. Banana, strawberries, orange, paw paw… the list is endless! With minimal sugar and the goodness of chia seeds this is one sweet treat that you certainly won’t feel guilty about

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Are you a sweet tooth or a savoury tooth? Did you know that SOMETIMES these cravings can actually be our bodies sending us a message that we are lacking important vitamins and minerals. Now that doesn’t mean the next time you have a craving for salt ‘n’ vinegar chips and a block of chocolate that

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No need for the processed, frozen apple dessert pie with all the nasty additives. Next time you feel like a decadent hit for dessert blend up this super yummy recipe to share with your friends. It’s seriously good…

It’s time to pump up the jam, pump it up! I love nothing more than rocking the earphones, listening to some wicked tunes and letting my body move! It’s refreshing and important to get the body exercising so we can condition it to be ready for whatever you throw at it. We also have to keep our bones

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Hi guys! Claire here from Raw Blend and today i am going to be making you a beautiful Decadent Pumpkin Soup. This is perfect with anyone with food allergies – it is dairy free and nut free! So how are we going to cream our pumpkin soup? Watch and see …

For a lot of people when you first think of a Raw Food diet you immediately think of all the foods that have a big red mark next to them that you are not able to consume. Sometimes adjusting to this can be quite daunting but the benefits can far outweigh the sacrifice in the

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Hi guys, Claire here! Today we are creating in our Vitamix one of our most popular recipes, the Cacao Bliss Balls. These bliss balls are high in protein and healthy fats and are a delicious sweet snack for when you are on the go or for when those unexpected guests arrive.

If you’re not into the taste of raw zucchini noodles, beetroot ones will certainly convert you to the veggie noodle trend. They also look amazing! I love the colour purple.

Hi Guys, Tommy here, today I’m going to make for you a Passion for Mango Ice-Cream and it’s the perfect summer ice-cream. Mango is great for your healthy cholesterol, preventing cancer and is also a great skin cleanser,  not to mention it’s delicious. So let’s get started!