Keep your kids Healthy this Holiday Season
02 Dec

Keep your kids Healthy this Holiday Season

Calling all the Mammas and the Pappas! Schools out for summer and after the glitter of Christmas has been laid to rest and the shiny new bike is not so shiny anymore you will soon be hearing those dreaded words … “I’m hungry… I’m bored” on repeat like an over played 80’s hit.

So, let us prepare. Before you hand out the roll-ups, bags of chips and the giant tub of ice-cream that is guaranteed to have the kids running wild through the house by 11am followed by tantrums at 3pm from the preservative come down, why not do a little prep? Get the kids involved and make some delicious, healthy, fun snacks and treats WITH the kids!

Not only will you cure the hunger cries but the boredom ones too … quality time in the kitchen with the kids. Make it fun, make a day of it and make healthier choices for your kids these holidays.

We have put together a list of our 10 favourite kid approved recipes for you these summer holidays.

almond choc chia cookies

Don’t buy pre-packaged cookies pumped full of preservatives and sugar and goodness knows what else! Try our Almond Chia Choc cookies … they are so delicious and contain superfoods … what’s not to love?

raw rainbow rools

Looking for a healthy but fun lunch option for the kiddies?  Say goodbye to boring old sandwiches and hello to tasty, fresh and colourful Rainbow Rolls!

sweet summer pops

We have the ice block department covered with these all natural Sweet Summer Pops. Perfect for keeping the kids cool and hydrated this summer they are fun and delicious and maybe even a little nutritious.

raw snickers

Made from a  variety of beautiful brazil nuts, pine nuts and almonds these delicious raw snicker style bars are better than the real thing! So when the kids  are screaming flaming yahoo’s make a treat that really satisfies …

banango fruit leathers

Remember roll-ups in your lunch box as a kid? Well these Banango fruit rolls are sweet, chewy goodness made from real fruit… no refined sugars, no preservatives or food colourings, no crazy kids!

green smoothies

Green Smoothies are the best way to give your little ones a big serve of fruit and veg in a way that is fun and super tasty! They are not only delicious but full of benefits to help growing minds and bodies.


Nuts are such a great snack … especially when your out and about running kids from here and there. Keep an airtight container of chai macadamia nuts for when your on the go to keep your kids cravings at bay.

sesame seed bar

No need to buy muesli bars anymore. (Not to mention they actually aren’t that great for you … suprise) Our sesame seed bars are all over it. Packed tight with superfoods and super goodness while being super yum!

cacao bliss balls

Cacao Bliss Balls are a crowd favourite at kids birthday parties and pretty much every household that tries them. These sweet treats are bound to keep the kids blissfully happy.

nut butters

For an all natural alternative try our Peanut Butter Recipe. It’s easy to make in a Vitamix Blender with natural, raw ingredients & tastes amazing. If your not into peanuts or maybe allergic try delicious Almond Butter or Macadamia Butter … delicious.

Some other tips for keeping your rug rats healthy for the holidays!

  • Get outside, explore and have adventures! No child is meant to be cooped up indoors playing video games all summer (as much as they love them). Think about it … your fondest of memories as a kid aren’t of defeating level five on pacman right? I mean sure it was a highlight but when I think of my childhood I think of bike riding adventures, swimming in what seemed like unexplored watering holes (I still visit the same spot and it’s pretty explored, perception and imagination as a child is an amazing thing), camping trips with the family and getting sleepy by the fire toasting marshmallows … sigh. Give your kids adventures and give them your time, I promise that’s what they treasure most.
  • Hydration! Summer in Australia is hot. Keep your little ones hydrated. If they aren’t sold on the whole water idea make it fun. Naturally flavoured water using berries or citrus fruits is tasty and a bit of a novelty … you can also try coconut water instead of normal filtered water which is full of electrolytes to help maximise your hydration.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – why not start the day of for your cherubs with a big glass of Green Smoothie. Green Smoothies contain a whole heap of goodness to help with kids brain function and development, it provides them with sustained energy throughout the day so they don’t crash and burn or turn on you with h’angry outbursts. Green Smoothies are full of fibre which helps keep you regular and keep our digestive systems healthy. They also give your kids a huge fruit and veg hit all in one go while tasting delicious. Nourishing them from the inside out resulting in happy, healthy children.
  • Fresh fruit is a great on-the go snack! Rather than a bag of lollies for a sweet treat cut up some of the kids favourites fruits. Naturally sweet and delicious – think strawberries, blueberries, oranges, mango, watermelon … yum!

Happy Holidays!

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